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Government agencies represent a very unique slice of the vertical pie, as their need for powerful, reliable communication and collaboration tools proves greater than ever before. Faced with shrinking budgets and complex legacy IT infrastructures, government agencies are the perfect candidates for Unified Communications (UC).

From processing permits to maintaining public safety to servicing the masses, government institutions have a hefty job to fill. Unified Communications – the integration of real-time communications with non-real time communications – gives government agencies the ability to work more efficiently, while simultaneously driving down costs. Below are three ways UC can benefit the government sector.

  • Enhances Collaborative Efforts: Unified communications gives government workers the ability to collaborate with colleagues in real time, whether in-office or remotely. For example, UC integrates enterprise telephony with email, conferencing and chat, making such things as file-sharing and last-minute meetings a breeze. Moreover, UC allows for faster, more informed collaborative decision-making.
  • Unifies Geographically Disparate Teams: Whether an employee is working from headquarters, at home, in the field or in a temporary office, UC bridges the communication gap by giving them access to all the necessary tools they need – including email, voice, chat, and videoconferencing. There’s no better way to flexibly manage multiple locations from one single user interface.
  • Service Delivery: With UC, government employees are able to gather information, resolve issues and communicate with the public from one single, easy to use user interface. Gone are the days when employees spent hours processing a single request as Unified Communications replaces cumbersome, back and forth email and phone chains.

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