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School districts across America are in a never-ending battle to operate on tight budgets without sacrificing the level of education being provided to students. Unfortunately, this balancing act often requires cutting electives or after school programs.

Some districts, however, are discovering that implementing a Scalable Unified Communications (UC) system can significantly reduce costs while enhancing the learning environment and augmenting security. Here are three benefits some schools are realizing with UC technology:

Increased Connectivity

Legacy phone technology only provides the ability to call other extensions in the building. With UC, each classroom can be outfitted with an IP phone that includes a variety of helpful features. With these phones, teachers can set up homework help lines so students can be sure they are doing the correct assignments. Additionally, security is enhanced with our E911 Zone Configuration capabilities. This enables Star2Star to serve customer locations that have sub-locations. For example, for each school that we serve we are able to provide each classroom with a unique E911 DID. This means that if you call 911 at your school, the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) dispatcher will not just receive the location of your school, but more specific information about the building and classroom location.

Cost Reduction

Converging voice and data networks into a unified system increases productivity and reduces phone costs. Extra fees for conference calls and inter-office (or inter-school) calling are also eliminated with UC. Additionally, school systems are able to pool all of their lines together from different locations allowing them to reduce their total number of lines and their monthly service cost. We also take part in E-Rate programs that can save school systems money in investing in technology such as Star2Star.

Better In-Class Technology

Videoconferencing allows presentations to be made from other classrooms, and students can collaborate with teachers during the videoconference. This allows schools and teachers a way to stretch resources and save time without reducing the quality of education.

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