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When deciding to invest in a unified communications solution, the term “productivity” often comes up in the ROI discussion. Indeed, UC becomes a strategic decision because it delivers an integrated platform where a variety of applications can be used in a common environment. 

As TechTarget explains, “UC allows applications to be used concurrently, creating multichannel sessions so employees can collaborate more effectively. Furthermore, UC delivers a consistent user experience, meaning employees can work the same way regardless of the endpoint, operating system or network used to access the platform.”

Increased Productivity

UC bolsters employee productivity on a number of fronts. For instance, presence for internal communications allows employees to see the status of co-workers in real time—not only just whether they’re available, but which mode of communications would be the best at any given time. This eliminates phone tag, endless email chains, and other causes of inefficient communications. 

There’s also the borderless office effect: UC allows employees to work anywhere that they can find connectivity. This cuts down on downtime and adds flexibility, but also helps with work-life balance. Happier, less stressed employees are simply more productive. UC allows disparate workforces and decentralized operations to more effectively collaborate, because the common interface beings everyone together on the same page. Aspects like click-to-conference for escalating calls make teamwork more seamless and effective, especially when tied to the aforementioned presence. As TechTarget mentions, “When both employees and teams are more productive, the organization will be as well….these results have an additive impact on the business as a whole.”

To enhance productivity throughout the business, UC can be an invaluable tool, and at Star2Star we’re dedicated to helping your business design a unique communications solution that can help you achieve your goals. 

At Star2Star, we’ve been delivering game-changing UC solutions for years. To find out more about our offerings:

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