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Sometimes in business, glaring, obvious issues disrupt productivity. Maybe you have to close the office for a few days because of flooding, or perhaps the power goes out. Although these scenarios are unfortunate, they are also, at least partly, beyond your control.

However, other, more subtle problems could be sapping your productivity as well. They may only cost your employees a few minutes per day, but if every worker is losing a few minutes every day, by the time the year ends it all adds up.

One such productivity killer is the time wasted when colleagues try unsuccessfully to reach each other for collaboration. Thankfully, that problem can be eliminated with advanced presence technology like Receptionist Console from Star2Star Communications.

Receptionist Console is a visual representation of all extensions in your company, even remote phones or phones located at other offices. Through a single intuitive interface, employees can view a variety of indicators that let them know which of your colleagues are available and how they can be reached; each extension on the main screen contains detailed information about the user at that extension. Additionally, Receptionist Console offers features like:

  • An integrated company-wide directory
  • Favorites and recently-called lists
  • Multi-party IM chat
  • Voicemail access
  • Call recording and playback
  • Incoming call pop-up

Those features and a simple, sleek design are what separate Receptionist Console from other presence tools. So if you are finding time at your office is slipping away a little at a time, maybe a best-in-class presence management tool has the answers. After all, sometimes it does pay to sweat the small stuff.


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