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In the wake of hurricanes and other natural disasters, continuity can help us to return to normalcy. However, this can be difficult to achieve if you are not adequately prepared. Even a category 1 hurricane has the potential to knock out power and damage property. When facing higher category threats, these effects are drastically multiplied and can lead to days or weeks without power, destroyed equipment, and hefty price tags related to damages. 

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The last thing anyone should have to worry about during the aftermath of a storm is their business or place of work. However, it is no less important to have a functioning workplace to come back to when other priorities are sorted out. And being able to maintain connectivity throughout hurricanes and natural disasters is the best of all scenarios.

We’re Hurricane Ready

Star2Star understands the importance of having a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, which is why our solutions come with protective measures baked in. Our disaster recovery system, StarRecovery™, is included with every Star2Star system. It provides all the mission-critical features and functionality of our business communications phone system including custom call routing, unlimited voicemail, voicemail access and delivery through email, virtual conference rooms, and more.

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StarRecovery™ is entirely cloud-based without any reliance on power, internet, telephone, or hardware. It is hosted at Star2Star’s secure data centers and, like the StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN, routes calls via the ConstellationTM Network, ensuring that you will still have our 99.999% uptime guarantee. The system can be configured to route calls to various destinations including other business locations, employee cell phones, and cloud-based auto-attendants for 24/7 information access.

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Avoid Downtime & Communication System Failures

StarRecovery™ automatically deploys in the event of downtime. When our continuous monitoring tool cannot make a connection with any system, StarRecovery™ will take over without any prompting from the business. The system will begin accepting incoming calls and routing them to their pre-determined locations as programmed. In the event of extended outages, StarRecovery™ can also be enhanced with additional features including a portable IP PBX system which can be installed in a matter of hours.

In light of recent events due to Hurricane Harvey and potentially disastrous outcomes from Hurricane Irma, there has never been a better time to think about preparing for the worst. With StarRecovery™, the worst can be avoided thanks to robust disaster avoidance and recovery features designed for peace of mind.

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