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If they haven’t already, enterprise IT departments everywhere are about to face a new and aggressive set of security risks in their efforts to protect sensitive business data. This is especially true since these risks apply to mobile devices in the workplace. 

Here’s why: 

  1. Millennials are surprisingly lax about online security, and they make up the largest percentage of the labor force. 
  2. The BYOD philosophy is becoming increasingly common at work.
  3. Mobile devices are the weakest links in an organization’s security chain.

Many Millennials today work flexibly, moving fluidly from offices to coffee shops to airports to libraries. In many cases they’re using a personal mobile device, sometimes transferring corporate data using public Wi-Fi networks. While the rewards of a BYOD policy are clear in terms of remote work arrangements, satisfied employees, and decreased spending on phones and other devices, the risks aren’t always obvious. 

In reality, it’s trivially simple for hackers to intercept data in transit on an unsecured public network. This is widely known, but it hasn’t stopped most people from taking the gamble: More than half of Millennials (54 percent) care more about Internet speed than security, and 48 percent use personal devices to access work files. 

It would seem that many organizations aren’t doing much better.  More than 95 percent of enterprises have no protection against mobile malware. In most cases, IT departments don’t even know exactly what devices are connected to their network at any one time, making it difficult to protect the organization’s data.

Just because the risks are real doesn’t mean that work patterns have to change; after all, the job still has to get done. 

Star2Star’s comprehensive suite of mobile unified communications tools can be part of the solution. Your mobility strategy needs to work seamlessly with the rest of your communication tools so that employees can easily and securely connect with co-workers, customers, and suppliers from anywhere, and it needs to be strong enough to protect and enable freely flowing data without compromising network security.

Star2Star can turn any employee mobile phone (iOS or Android) as well as most laptop computers) into softphones that have the same user interface as their designated phone at work. Calls can be made or received using any reliable Internet connection, including public Wi-Fi, using the employees’ work numbers instead of their personal ones. 

Our full-featured mobile solution offers the same functionality as a desk phone. Beyond just voice, users can access their voicemail and send and receive critical documents from their mobile devices. Presence management is also available on personal devices, making it easy for users to know if a co-worker is currently reachable.

Star2Star makes all these features available for on-the-go employees while taking every possible precaution to ensure the security of sensitive enterprise communications. User authentication is required and helps regulate access to your network. We protect our Constellation network with firewalls and encryption and constantly monitor the network for anything out of the ordinary. We also offer managed network services for additional protection. 

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