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When clients want an escape from the rat race that includes a dip in the ocean and relaxation on a sunny shore, Treasure Realty is there to make it happen. Since 1990, the North Carolina business has closed over $550 million in home sales. The owners of the family-run company grew up on the Tar Heel State’s Topsail Island and have proudly watched their operation blossom for 26 years.

As the business evolved, the real estate and property management company began to feel some growth and age pains. Specifically, its legacy phone system no longer supported the business as it should. Competitors that had deployed more modern communication systems had an edge.

Case Study: Star2Star Upgrades Communications for Treasure Realty

The Challenge

Treasure Realty primarily operates out of two offices, though many members of the team work extensively in the field. Much real estate business occurs remotely, which makes the industry particularly reliant on communications. Although Treasure Realty’s traditional landline telephone system was still running, it lacked the features available in more up-to-date and functional communication solutions. 

What’s more, the business wanted some protections against the potentially damaging weather conditions that often plagued the Eastern Shore. Continuity ranks highly as a competitive asset in the real estate business. “If we are down for even a single day, we could lose dozens of clients and their commissions,” explained Treasure Realty’s Tim Baker. 

In addition, the company sought to ease communication between locations to enable better collaboration and productivity. All in all, the business needed to identify a provider that offered a best-in-class communication system, and could facilitate continuous service and immediate technical support in case of a communication emergency.

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Beach Realty Business Body Copy

The Solution

Treasure Realty’s search led the company to Joey Stone of Teleco of Wilmington, a Star2Star partner. The first thing that impressed Baker was the Star2Star team’s commitment to providing service after the sale. “The team made us really comfortable; they were always consistent with what they said,” Baker imparted.

Star2Star was also able to meet the client’s request for zero business disruption during installation of the new communication system. The switch was smooth and occurred while the old system was still running. “Switching over caused us less than a minute of downtime, and we went immediately from one to the other with no problems,” professed Baker.

Thanks to the Star2Star team, Treasure Realty now has the advanced functionality (e.g., Find Me/Follow Me) it needs to compete in today’s competitive business environment, which is not exclusive to big cities or the rat race. The company’s two locations now work in tandem much more effectively, with increased efficiency and productivity as a result. The Treasure Realty team is especially appreciative of Star2Star’s 24/7 service that ensures continuity and keeps the wheels of commerce spinning. 

Star2Star’s reliability guarantees and rich suite of disaster avoidance and recovery protections allow the owners to sleep easy at night. “We’ve been fully satisfied,” Baker acknowledged. “The system has done everything we were told it would.”

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