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We’re a nation obsessed with being connected at every moment. No one wants to miss a personal or business message that could impact his or her daily activities or responsibilities. In fact, a recent survey from Deloitte indicated that nearly 40 percent of the 2,000 U.S. respondents look at their smartphones within five minutes of waking up each day, and as many as 90 percent wait no more than an hour. 

How can this national obsession help drive sales for your business? You have to consider the mobile impact of smartphones and how you can leverage anytime, anywhere usage. As a telecom reseller, you can easily address your customers’ need for real-time interactions when you offer them an end-to-end communications solution that can travel with them. In today’s business environment, such a platform must include unified communications (UC) functionality to support increased productivity and improved employee collaboration.

When your tools of the trade include Star2Star cloud-based UC system, you already have the means to provide your clients with a state-of-the-art solution that unifies voice, video, mobile, and fax into a single, easy-to-use system. You can take that a step further by ensuring your customers have on-the-go access to their business communications with smartphone apps like Star2Star’s Mobile Softphone for iPhone and Android.

To get your customers to buy-in quickly, ask them to imagine being able to automatically forward calls from their desktops to their mobile phones while working from home, traveling, or taking a lunch break. Star2Star’s powerful Find Me/Follow Me feature routes calls after a predetermined number of rings, or can be set to ring multiple phones simultaneously. Every Star2Star telephone system allows users to place and receive calls over IP networks, including Wi-Fi hotspots. In the absence of Wi-Fi availability, calls can be connected using the phone’s 3G or 4G data connection.

Star2Star’s Mobile Softphone telephone application and softphone comes with advanced presence and voicemail tools. Some of its other features include: one-touch dialing of frequently called in-house numbers, a color-coded presence indicator display that shows availability and status of other users, and secure user authentication.

An additional selling point for customers: They’ll save money. Since outbound calls made from the softphone travel over IP networks, they are not billed for cellular airtime. Softphone calls can be made from virtually any WiFi connection, anywhere in the world with no per-minute usage charges. 

One of the greatest advantages business will gain from deploying this technology is increased employee satisfaction and retention. When workers are given tools to more easily achieve positive business outcomes, companies lessen the threat of deflection to competitors. 

Since the best business connection is the one you can make wherever you are, smartphones have become the de facto resource for getting work done. By extending UC from the office to the hands of their employees, businesses can take advantage of the complete functionality of these services, including:

  • Audio conferencing – set up conference calls for up to 150 users, with no per-minute charge
  • Automated attendants – improve call routing and customer service
  • Call queues and ring groups – the multilayer approach allows any number of destinations or locations
  • Voicemail to email/unified messaging – voice messages and incoming faxes are delivered via email as an attachment, with a reminder notification sent to cell phones
  • Home office extensions – to support remote telecommuters
  • Analog device support – connect legacy analog phones to the Star2Star system
  • Web-based user administration – set up speed dialing, call forwarding, and et cetera.

Star2Star supplies your customers with phones and related equipment, as well as telephone service and maintenance. For more ways in which Star2Star can help make your job as a reseller easier and more rewarding, click here.



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