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Disaster VoIP

There’s no telling what kinds of wild weather we will see throughout the rest of the year. From tornadoes to fires to hurricanes to floods, trouble can strike anywhere at any time, leading to prolonged periods of network outages for businesses that lack sound recovery plans.

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Disasters can be:

  • Expensive: The cost of unplanned network downtime tends to vary significantly across different industries. For industries like finance and media, the cost of an unplanned outage can be astronomical. For other mission critical industries, like healthcare and government, the impact can be even more devastating. 
  • Unpredictable: Oftentimes, businesses fail to plan for disasters because they operate in areas that don’t see a great deal of severe weather. Remember, though, that outages can happen for any number of reasons. Electrical fires and mechanical failures commonly lead to prolonged outages. 
  • Catastrophic: Small to medium-sized businesses are often unable to recover from costly disasters. Many go out of business within a few months of a major incident. 

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How Can You Protect Your Business From A Disaster? 

One of the best ways is to leverage VoIP as a core part of your communications strategy.

With VoIP, voice is converted into digital data and routed over an internet connection. VoIP enables businesses to leverage a third party provider’s network for calls, instead of having to route them over the risky and outdated publicly switched telephone network (PSTN). 

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Most VoIP providers today offer high quality, fully redundant, geographically dispersed networks with automatic failover built in—ensuring constant, guaranteed uptime. Your business will receive cutting-edge, SLA-backed infrastructure that is regularly maintained and updated.

One of the best parts about using VoIP is that it relieves the burden of having to maintain a fully-functioning communications network and backup recovery system. You can simply outsource operations to a VoIP provider, saving your business a tremendous amount of time and money. This will make life easier for your IT team, which is most likely overworked already. 

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Some providers also offer VoIP backup over traditional analog phone lines. So if your internet connection should fail, your business can still receive ongoing phone service over a traditional telephone connection until service is restored.

Ultimately, you can’t leave your business’s phone system up to chance. Don’t wait for a disaster to act. Plan ahead, and invest in a solution that will provide peace of mind—in addition to improved daily performance and ongoing cost reductions.

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