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How A Scalable VoIP Solution Can Help Your Business

The term “digital transformation” has emerged as one of the hottest buzzwords in business in recent years. Companies across all vertical markets are implementing digital transformation in order to become more cost and operationally efficient. This is now a top priority in many companies. 

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One of the interesting aspects of digital transformation is that it can apply to a variety of different areas of focus where disruption is available—from wide area networking to computing to telephony. In fact, migrating from a traditional legacy phone system to a hosted VoIP service is an excellent example of digital transformation—and it’s a trend that more and more companies are exploring. The global VoIP market, it should be noted, is on pace to reach a whopping $55 billion by 2025. 

One reason why so many companies are switching to VoIP today is because the technology is highly scalable. Unlike phone systems of the past, which were very rigid and difficult to adjust, a VoIP system can be easily modified as it’s needed, making it the perfect solution for today’s ever-changing enterprise environment. 

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Here are some examples of how a scalable VoIP solution can help your business:

Agile Campaign Management

One of the hardest parts about bringing a new product to market is effectively managing the campaign, and responding to customer inquiries when they start flooding into the contact center. It’s all too common for businesses to underestimate the amount of incoming calls they will receive during a new campaign. When this happens, it can lead to long wait times which can turn away customers and lead to negative reviews. 

With VoIP, it’s possible to quickly and easily add phone lines whenever they are needed. So a business can hire more temporary agents, for instance, and spin up virtual phone lines for callers. Then, when the campaign ends, those phone lines can be easily scaled back down. So it’s a cost-effective way to respond to changing customer needs. 

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VoIP, it should be noted, is also an excellent solution for handling seasonal spikes and peaks in customer traffic. Many businesses, for instance—especially in the B2B space—will experience a lull during the months of July and August. Then, business will ramp back up when summer ends. With VoIP, phone lines can be dynamically provisioned at key points during the year.  

Cost-effective Expansion

Undergoing a business expansion is hard enough without having to deal with the pain of installing business phone systems at each new site.  

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VoIP is incredibly easy to set up and deploy, making it the ideal solution for any growing business—especially startups, which often need to enter into new markets and buildings quickly. With VoIP, you can establish affordable and reliable communications no matter where your team goes.

Simplified Management

Another issue for a growing company is phone system management. IT administrators have many different things to look after on a daily basis, making it difficult to devote the time to ongoing maintenance and backend phone system support. 

VoIP can take some of the burden off of IT, by making it possible to manage the entire system right from a centralized interface. 

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This can reduce travel, and enable lightning-fast deployments and alterations. Instead of physically going to a new location to set up a phone line, for instance, an IT administrator can effortlessly deploy an extension over the internet. This system can also be used to set up and manage things like ring groups, voicemail systems and auto attendants. 

So the next time the topic of digital transformation comes up in your boardroom, ask your colleagues about the state of its business phone system. It could be time that your company joins the VoIP revolution.


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