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How can you easily and cost-effectively gain the benefits of unified communications (UC) as a service (UCaaS) for your organization? Vet service providers based on their capability to take you step by step through the process of migrating to the cloud—at your own pace. Maybe add UC features one at a time, and perhaps stop for awhile at an on-premise cloud architecture, somewhere between a total onsite and hosted solution.

This is what MUY! Brands did when the national restaurant employer needed to expand its business with the creation of a call center to take orders. The project comprises the largest of its kind in the world, serving 7,000 agents across multiple locations. The initial phase replaced an outdated call processor and analog phone lines with Star2Star’s Contact Center cloud-based call center application.

Bob King Automall was also using an analog telephone system, and it was beginning to cause problems with operations for the four-location automobile dealership. King’s solution was an on-premise cloud communications solution recommended by his telecommunications provider, Teleco of Wilmington. King and his team have especially enjoyed the mobile benefits of the new system’s Find Me/Follow Me UC feature that was configured to ring every employee’s cellphone and desk phone simultaneously.

The Brickman Group took gradual advantage of UC when it moved its corporate offices to a new location, re-evaluating its phone system along the way. The company eventually decided to replace its existing system with a complete, flexible and on-premise cloud UC solution. The advanced presence management capabilities simplified operations at Brickman headquarters, where more than 100 users benefit from the technology. For example, receptionists can see when a line is busy and send phone calls directly to voicemail.

What these three, and multitudes more, businesses have gained from adopting cloud UC systems is a unique communications solution for their specific needs. In general, businesses gain a competitive advantage through the agility that comes with a UC implementation. In this new digital—and, increasingly, mobile—age, flexible, consistent exchanges across an ever-widening diversity of devices is essential.

UC provides employees with access to anytime, anywhere real-time communications tools on any device, enhancing collaboration and productivity across business operations. Plus, this type of communication system helps companies establish secure BYOD policies because it allows IT to monitor network usage for data security and bandwidth capacity.

In addition, when UC is cloud-based, it provides a centralized means for scaling administrative functions, including setting up new users, applying patches, or updating features. A hosted solution also has a low upfront investment, and IT can enable the new functionality immediately while the existing system remains intact. Furthermore, a hosted UC solution, by its very nature, has built-in redundancy, meaning that end users can continue to use the communication system should disaster strike a physical company location.

As so many companies have already learned, UCaaS—whether partially or fully deployed—can positively impact the way people work, streamline business processes, and increase employee productivity. Even better, it costs less than a legacy communication system too. 


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