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holiday sales

Once again, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. That means your team is back at it, working overtime to drive last-minute holiday sales. You want this to be a holiday shopping season to remember, and one that produces off-the-charts results. 

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To get those results, you may need to get a little bit creative. Here are some ideas to boost holiday sales in your marketing department: 

Dominate Instagram

If you want to be successful this holiday season, your company needs to be very active on Instagram — the leading photo sharing app that has about 500 million daily active users. On Instagram, you will want to run sponsored advertisements geared towards your target market. Just make sure that your photos are relevant, meaning something your potential customers would want to see in their news feeds. It’s also important to add value in the form of something like a discount, or a link to more content. 

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It’s also even more effective to try and court brand influencers into taking pictures with your products. You could run a “selfie” campaign, or come up with a clever hashtag. Just make sure to reward or mention your customers in some way if they use it!

Make A Customer Wish List

Another fun holiday promotional idea is to make a digital holiday wish list for customers. Then, take a select few customers and grant them each a wish. It’s a way to boost engagement, especially if you pair it with a fun hashtag.

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Use “Click-To-Call” In Your Content

This holiday shopping season, customers will be browsing your website searching for information about your products. This means they will be reading your blog. Instead of just asking for a simple call to action at the bottom of the article, consider building a live click-to-chat box and inserting it at the bottom of the piece. That way, the customer can immediately and seamlessly learn more information (in a video or text chat) without having to search for a contact section.

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Plan A Holiday Surprise

Everyone dreams of having a magic holiday moment. Why not capitalize on this excitement? You could, for instance, hold a random, limited-time sale or giveaway — but don’t tell anyone about it. Word will spread very quickly, as consumers rush to get a last-minute bargain. This is a fun way to generate extra profits, and it will look great for your brand. It’s something you could do every year, too. Keep people guessing about when you are going to have a holiday sale. 

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Use Email Wisely

Keep in mind that consumers get flooded with promotional emails this time of the year. So if you send a promotional email, do so with best practices in mind. Use catchy subject lines, optimize messages for mobile, and send them at strategic times throughout the day.


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