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Welcome back to the Cloud! In this recap, we explore some of the industry’s best tips and tricks from our expert guests. Join hosts David and Graham (and guest host Frederick) as they get the latest insider info from professionals in the field. These podcasts are all about the world of UC and telecommunications from an analyst’s perspective.

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001: If You Build It, Will They Come?

In this HITC episode, our hosts David Portnowitz and Graham Potter interview President and Principal Analyst at COMMfusion LLC, Blair Pleasant. Listen in to hear Blair’s input on user adoption in the growing UC space, explain her six-step strategy for engaging customers before the premiere of a new service, and reveal how to attain the best ROI.


004: Digital Transformers, More Than Meets The Eye

David and Graham chat with Sheila McGee-Smith, leading UC analyst and strategic consultant, to talk over how companies are using artificial intelligence to better serve the consumer. Tune in to hear her explain how contact centers manage digital transformation, the value in tracking the customer journey, and the effect of the younger demographic on the path of new technology.


010: We’re Not Here For A Long Time, But A Real-Time

HITC welcomes their first international guest, Tsahi Levent-Levi, an Independent Analyst and Consultant for WebRTC. Join us as we discuss the advantages of WebRTC, how it encompasses all aspects of the communications space, and the new and exciting developments we should expect in the future. 


013: Why Blockchain Is ‘Off The Chain’ In 2018

In the first HITC podcast episode of 2018, we are joined by UC analyst and consultant Joseph Williams. Hear Joseph share his insight on blockchain, the work of Microsoft engineers, stylophones, his view on top trends from 2017, and his predictions on what 2018 may hold.


017: Looking Out For The Latest UC Trends With David Mario Smith

David and guest host Fredrick are joined by David Mario Smith. Listen as David, Founder and Principal Analyst at InFlow Analysis, discusses his career as an analyst in the communications space, Net Neutrality, and other trending topics including chatbots, machine learning, and the conversational enterprise.


022: From Mainframes To The Marketplace: An Analyst’s Memoir With Joel Wecksell

In this episode, David and Graham speak with expert analyst and possible X-Men, Joel Wecksell. Tune in to hear Joel, Founder of The Skills Connection, discuss his 35 years of experience in technology and share his knowledge about the secret life of analysts and how to get your business noticed. 


023: Our Interview With Dr. Disruptive A.K.A. Jonathan Yarmis

David and Graham interview Jonathan Yarmis, a.k.a. Dr. Disruptive. Join us as Jonathan, one of the first Gartner analysts, shares his experience in the technology industry, his analyst insights, and other exciting stories from his career.



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