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heads in the cloud

We have some very interesting and fun podcast episodes in this edition of Heads In The Cloud recaps. These most recent podcasts tackle many hot topics in the industry such as Net Neutrality and recent technology trends and include several entertaining stories that we’re sure you don’t want to miss. Sound intriguing? Catch up and tune in with Heads In The Cloud! 

Episode 18 Recap

Talking Security & More With Star2Star’s Harold A. Logan

In this episode, David and Graham interview Hal Logan, Director of Professional Services at Star2Star. Listen in to hear about Hal’s experience in professional services and security, his insight on recent trends within the industry, and how Blockchain operates from a security standpoint. The podcast also features bonus content, live from outer space, that you don’t want to miss, discussion topics include the Oxford comma, proper training for jumping out of planes, and Jocko, Hal’s Yorkshire Terrier.


Episode 19 Recap

The “Cool” & The Trendy, Industry Drivers, & The Future Of Deskphones

C.H. Tong, President of VTech Telecommunications, joins us in this episode to discuss his role as President of the Telecom division and details on how VTech made their breakthrough into the SIP market, leading into the current relationship between Star2Star and VTech, who’ve provided high-quality products and communications solutions since 2016. Tune in to hear additional content as well, involving C.H.’s school adventures abroad at King’s College, London University, the running culture at VTech, the perils of humidity, and more!


Episode 20 Recap

Have You Heard The News? UC Headlines With Tracy Venters & Exclusive Information From Star2Star 

Don’t miss this VTech sponsored episode in which David and Graham interview Tracy Venters, Chief Strategist for Town Crier Consulting, and discuss how she and Graham first met at Enterprise Connect, followed by a discussion on how Tracy’s background in software engineering, marketing, and communications culminate in her role at Town Crier Consulting. Stay tuned for exclusive teasers on Star2Star’s new products and events, information on technology trends, and details on the pet situation in Tracy’s skyrise residence.


Episode 21 Recap

Consulting With J.R. Simmons

In this VTech sponsored episode, DJ Potter brings the beat as he and David interview J.R. Simmons, President and Principal Consultant for COMgroup, Inc. J.R. shares details about his 33 years of experience as an independent consultant and his proficiency in telecommunications planning, design, analysis, and implementation, data networking design, and more. You’ll hear from J.R. about his experience, passion for consulting, and his input regarding some of the industry’s burning questions. Tune in to hear even more about J.R.’s current projects, involvement with BC Strategies, and his position as an expert witness on the stand. 


Episode 22 Recap

The Secret Life Of Analysts: Technology & The Marketplace With Joel Wecksell

David and Graham welcome expert analyst (and possible X-Men), Joel Wecksell from industry advisory company, The Skills Connection. Listen to this podcast episode to hear Joel speak on his 35 years of experience in the technology field, learn about the secret life of analysts, and hear the story of a surprising experience Joel shares with one of the Heads In The Cloud’s hosts!


Episode 23 Recap

The Doctor Is In: Thoughts On Leading Technologies Of The Modern Era With “Dr. Disruptive”

In this episode, David and Graham speak with Jonathan Yarmis, a.k.a. Dr. Disruptive. Jonathan has been in the tech industry for 30 years, becoming one of the chief experts in Advanced, Disruptive, and Emerging technologies. Tune in to hear about Jonathan’s experiences and stories from his impressive career, including infamous interviews with Tom Brokaw, Bill Gates, and James Barksdale, playing chess with Howard Stern, and the real reason he got the nickname “Dr. Disruptive”.



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