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Heat Up Sales CRM Integration

For a large number of businesses — particularly SMBs who lack functionality such as CRM Integration — summer isn’t a cause for celebration. Rather, it’s a time when business can slow to a snail’s pace. When this happens, projects and purchasing tend to go on hold while employees leave for vacation and work shorter hours. 

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The truth, though, is that your business doesn’t have to slip into a summer siesta. In fact, it’s the ideal time to get ahead while your competitors slow down.  And if you think about it, summer is actually a very important time of the year for business as it leads directly into the pre-holiday sales rush. Summer is a time to plant the seeds that will drive further business growth down the road. 

That being said, we encourage you to sit down and form a strategy ensuring continued business growth this summer. And as you perform this gut check, you’ll want to think about the technologies that you are using on a daily basis. 

Many businesses, in other words, chalk up slow summer sales to a lack of manpower when in fact the problem has little to with personnel and everything to do with inefficient technologies and processes. Sales associates often waste valuable time on backend processes that could be automated using a CRM-integrated VoIP phone system.

The Power Of CRM Integration

As with most things, the trick with sales is to work smarter, and not harder. And one way to do this is to invest in a powerful, CRM-integrated phone system from Star2Star — the leading provider of scalable, cloud-based voice, video, fax and presence solutions.

Star2Star offers StarContact, a VoIP phone system coupled with an embedded CRM solution that empowers sales associates by organizing, tracking and managing important customer data. This product also contains built-in functionality for both inbound and outbound calls. When an incoming call pop up, for instance, an associate will be able to see who is calling, when they last called, and how their interaction was previously handled. 

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Using StarContact, your business will have a much easier time tracking prospects and improving communication and retention. Sales associates will spend far less time poking through spreadsheets and contact lists, and more time closing deals over the phone. 

What’s more, the centralized StarContact hub will make it easy for managers to track progress throughout the summer, so that there is no question about where your business stands. 

So stop and think about the type of summer that you want to have. If you want to grow your bottom line and set up your organization for a powerful fall and holiday season, then it’s time to invest in a powerful, CRM-integrated VoIP solution. 

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