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Many unified communications (UC) providers promise high reliability without revealing how they provide it or explaining exactly how they guarantee a high quality of service. Star2Star Communications, however, is always happy to explain how we protect call quality at all times because we are confident that our methods speak for themselves.

Emphasize the benefits of scalable unified communications (UC) technology during the next few months to pique the interest of your customers. If your client is about to move offices or open a new location, make sure you explain the benefits of an Internet phone service upgrade. Tell them how a hosted UC system includes all the features of a traditional phone system plus advanced business features such as automated attendants, Find Me/Follow Me call routing, and voicemail delivery by email.

Compared to a traditional phone system built on analog technology, a VoIP phone system is much more scalable and flexible. VoIP lets your clients choose from a myriad of personalized options for business communication, including desk phones, smartphones, softphone clients, instant messaging, email, fax, videoconferencing, and conference calling.

To point your customers down the right communications path, direct them to Star2Star’s unique Cloud Architecture, which combines the best features of both hosted UC and on-premises systems. Once the new phone system is deployed, disparate communications methods will be unified and your clients will have access to powerful and sophisticated new UC tools. Furthermore, our StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN enables the entire Star2Star system to be managed end-to-end, greatly easing UC adoption across the organization.

As an added benefit, the StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN allows your customers to eliminate a number of their management and integration problems, including allocation of resources and licenses, paying for unused seats, recurrent updates, costs for minor system changes, and staff overtime.

As a Star2Star partner, your clients will have access to the following advantages of a Scalable Cloud Communications Solution from Star2Star:

Features: Our exclusive features list includes our patented Constellation Architecture, as well as dozens of other useful features. These include StarRecovery, our innovative disaster recovery system which allows businesses to maintain telephone service despite power, telephone, and Internet outages, or even facility destruction. Receptionist Console, our presence management solution displays a visual representation of all the extensions in an organization, allowing users to monitor and control all of their communications. Other features include fax, chat, conferencing, video, and other solutions.

Savings: Are your clients no longer able to meet their customers’ needs with their old phone systems? Are the lines too busy, calling costs too high, and outbound calling too limited in capacity? Star2Star will help your clients pay less with cost-saving features such as line pooling and bursting. Doing so ensures that no matter how many incoming and outgoing calls transpire, there will always be lines available. Moreover, they can take advantage of cost-reducing hardware (i.e., our intelligent StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN) and flexible billing and payment options.

Reliability: Star2Star monitors every system continuously with our StarWatch technology, allowing us to guarantee 99.999 percent uptime reliability. A StarWatch Critical Alert, triggered whenever a customer’s system] goes offline for more than a few minutes, is sent to you and your client. We back this up with 24/7/365 support and redundant phone carriers and Internet connections.

Mobility: In today’s world, the best communications tool your workers have is the device at hand. Our Mobile Softphone (iOS) or Mobile Softphone (Android) application extends the features of your Star2Star UC services to your employees’ smartphones through a mobile softphone client, providing mobile workers with advanced voicemail and presence tools. Calls can be made over virtually any IP network, including public Wi-Fi hotspots, or using the phone’s 3G or 4G data connection.

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