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Want to find out which episodes you may have missed this summer? We’ve got you covered. It’s time to jump back in and catch up on Heads in the Cloud! What’s new in the world of unified communications (UC)? Listen as David Portnowitz and Graham Potter discuss topics including IT, new technology and cloud adoption, sales, and communication in the hospitality and healthcare industries.

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024: Workplace Productivity, IT, & Travel With Chuck Lear

Join us as we discuss workplace productivity collaboration, up-and-coming technology applications, company consolidations in the marketplace, international travel, and what’s new in IT, with guest Chuck Lear, Founder and Managing Partner of Lear360. 


025: The Future Of The Telecom Industry With Agustin Argelich

We’re joined, live from Spain, by Agustin Argelich, Founder, President, and Principal Consultant at Argelich Network. Tune in to hear us discuss the difference in U.S. and European business operations surrounding digital transformation and cloud adoption, hear Agustin’s take on the importance of project management and leadership in business, what life is like in Barcelona, and his predictions on the trajectory of the future of the telecom industry.


026: An Expert’s Guide to Successful Sales With Colin Johnston

In this episode, hosts David and Graham interview Colin Johnston, industry expert and Executive Vice President of Strategic Channels at Star2Star. Hear us converse about SD-WAN, security, industry mergers and acquisitions, the importance of marketplace differentiation, desk phones, and Colin’s predictions for the future of UC space.


027: An Authentic Look Inside The Restaurant Business With Chef Christopher Covelli

Hungry? Celebrity chef Christopher Covelli joins us, in studio, to discuss communication and sales within the restaurant industry. Tune in to hear exclusive details about Chris’ new restaurant, Sage, opening soon in downtown Sarasota. We also discuss the best food cities in America and Chris’ experience as both a chef and TV personality.


028: Embracing New Technology In Healthcare With Jonathan Edwards

David and Graham interview Harvard and Oxford grad and Healthcare IT expert, Jonathan Edwards, live from the suburbs of London. Listen in as we talk about the challenges in the evolving healthcare IT space, the problem with new technology hype, the business value in embracing new technology, cloud adoption, and more.


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