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heads in the cloud

Have you been keeping your head in the cloud? David and Graham, our Heads In The Cloud podcast hosts, sure have! We have four more episode recaps for you, including the big 1-0! Our hosts are having a blast and the time has just flown by; we hope you enjoy these recaps and will subscribe to listen to future episodes!

Episode 7 Recap: Chaos Is A Ladder

In episode 7 David and Graham welcome the show’s very first in-studio guest who also happens to be a Star2Star employee. John Roth, our VP of Established Channel Sales, discusses Star2Star behind-the-scenes and our 100% channel-based sales model. He also tells us about his extensive experience with the channel starting in door-to-door sales in the 1980s all the way to the present. Tune in to learn more about the industry developments John experienced first-hand!


Episode 8 Recap: This One's All About Marsha, Marsha, Marsha--And Media Management

Episode 8 features another first for the Heads In The Cloud podcast with Marsha Friedman, one of Star2Star’s very first and long-term customers. Marsha has been a customer of Star2Star since September 2007, right after Star2Star was founded. She discusses her relationship with us and her first meeting with HITC host Graham Potter. We also learn more about her company, Event Management Services (EMSI), the guaranteed media firm, and how to “celebritize” ourselves.


Episode 9 Recap: The Wheel, The Telephone & 5G: The World’s Greatest Inventions

A lot has happened since the invention of the wheel, but our podcast is excited to present you with the latest and greatest development: 5G. Our hosts interview Gregory H. Collins, Founder and Principal Analyst at Exact Ventures, an independent market intelligence firm. Gregory introduces us to the exciting world of 5G wireless technology and what it will mean for our current 4G networks.


Episode 10 Recap: We’re Not Here For A Long Time, But A Real-Time

Real-Time Communications (RTC), that is! In our tenth episode, David and Graham greet our first international guest, Tsahi Levent-Levi. Levent-Levi calls in from Israel where he is an Independent Analyst and Consultant for WebRTC with over 15 years of experience in the telecom space. He discusses the many advantages of the WebRTC and how it impacts every aspect of telecommunications.


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