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Hosts David Portnowitz and Graham Potter, two of Star2Star’s C-suite officers, have teamed up to give the public what they want: an in-depth look at the world of Unified Communications (UC). The first episode of Heads In The Cloud (the UC cloud, that is) debuted on July 7, 2017. If you missed it, do not worry! Instead, read on to catch up with our hosts and their special industry guests. Then subscribe and stay tuned! 

Episode 1 Recap: If You Build It, Will They Come?

The inaugural episode introduces Heads In The Cloud hosts David Portnowitz (Chief Marketing Officer) and Graham Potter (Chief Knowledge Officer) of Star2Star. They are joined by President and Principal Analyst at COMMfusion LLC, Blair Pleasant, who shares her six-step strategy for engaging customers before a new service roll-out. Listen to learn her tips on achieving the best ROI for new services!


Episode 2 Recap: Mobile Killed The Desktop Star (Maybe)?

For round two, David and Graham are joined by the Director of Sales Service Providers North America from VTech, Matt Hickey. VTech is one of Star2Star’s offered phone brands, making this episode an inside look into the world of desktop phones sold with Star2Star. Matt, David, and Graham debate whether the deskphone is truly “dead” in the midst of the smartphone era, and discuss how deskphone providers like VTech are addressing the changing market. Listen to hear about VTech’s innovative solutions!


Episode 3 Recap: We Like To Merge It, Merge It

David and Graham are joined by the Vice President of Digital Transformation at Frost & Sullivan, Elka Popova, to discuss the disruptive changes in UCaaS. At the forefront of the discussion is the recent Mitel/ShoreTel merger and hypotheses for future mergers and acquisitions. Elka provides her insight as a digital transformation analyst on churn in the partner community, embedded communications, and the factors driving UCaaS industry changes. Listen to hear about industry developments from an analyst with her boots on the ground.


Episode 4 Recap: Digital Transformers, More Than Meets The Eye

The transformation topic continues, this time with leading UC analyst and strategic consultant Sheila McGee-Smith. As the Founder & Principal Analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, Sheila shares insights from her career of over 25 years including how contact centers address the era of digital communications. An exciting new technology that is on the horizon for contact centers: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Listen to learn about how AI will shape the customer experience--and get a sneak peek into Star2Star’s new contact center experience as well!


Episode 5 Recap: Collaboration Innovation, What's Your Implication?

Our Heads In The Cloud hosts are joined by another special guest in the desktop phone space, Shawn Puddester, Vice President of Global Service Providers at Polycom. Shawn and Star2Star share a long-standing relationship through Polycom, going back to Star2Star’s founding in 2006. Since then, the UC space has seen many developments and phone companies like Polycom have had to find new ways to remain competitive in an increasingly commoditized marketplace. Listen to hear tips from Shawn’s own experiences and for a special mention of Area 51…


Episode 6 Recap: Keep True To The Dreams Of Your Youth (Pumpkin)

In this episode, David and Graham discuss the dreams of their youth and everything pumpkin spice with Evan Kirstel, renowned social media influencer and the 5th most influential B2B marketer in the US. Unified Communications also feature in this episode with topics including some of today’s most ground-breaking, forward-thinking trends. Listen to hear more about voice-first, mobile-first, cloud-first, and omnichannel technologies that are shaping how we communicate.


Keep Up With Heads In The Cloud

When you're all caught up with our Heads In The Cloud hosts, stay tuned for more exciting episodes and future blog recaps.

Coming up in Episode 7: Chaos Is A Ladder. Hear from our very first in-studio guest and Star2Star insider, John Roth, about the exciting dynamics of a 100% Channel Partner sales model.

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