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Driving and texting

As mobile technology continues to grow more efficient over time, so too does the size and scope of the mobile workforce, as businesses and employees across the globe leverage these tools for greater production. Amazingly, smartphones are now the primary communication tool for 49 percent of company workforces.

Simply owning a smartphone, however, doesn't ensure that "on-the-go" workers are operating at maximum capacity. Rather, mobile working is at its most effective when these employees have access to the same features and functionality that they would have if they were sitting in front of a desktop phone at an office.

With that concept in mind, Star2Star Communications designed Mobile Softphone (iOS) and Mobile Softphone (Android), cutting-edge tools that merge a top-of-the-line phone application with advanced presence and voicemail functionality. These intuitive softphones allow mobile workers to place and receive calls to any employee on the system using standard extensions rather than dialing long distance, drastically cutting phone costs and simplifying communication.

With Mobile Softphone (iOS) and Mobile Softphone (Android), calls can be made over virtually any IP network, including public WiFi hotspots. If no WiFi is available, the call will be placed using the phone's 3G or 4G data connection. Mobile Softphone users can also take advantage of Star2Star's powerful Find Me/Follow Me call routing to automatically send calls to their mobile phones after a pre-determined number of rings or have all numbers ring simultaneously. In other words, the days of fretting about missing important calls are over.

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Additionally, Mobile Softphone offers features like:

  • Presence Indicator alerts users to the status of fellow workers: green for available, red for busy, yellow for ringing, and blue for dialing
  • Favorites List allows fast dialing of frequently called numbers
  • Contacts List Integration for calls outside your organization
  • Voicemail Inbox provides one-touch access to voicemail
  • Call Transfer
  • Conference Calling for on-the-fly meetings
  • Secure User Authentication
  • Calls can be placed over 3G/4G networks

At the end of the day, there's no disputing that today's workforce is constantly on the move. Without the right tools, your company risks being left behind.


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