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Tis the season…to consider moving to a more effective communications platform. Businesses of all sizes can give themselves a big gift for the holidays with unified communications and VoIP.

According to the FCC, 15 percent of all American businesses have now adopted voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, and that is expected to grow at double-digit rates for the foreseeable future. Flexibility and cost-effectiveness are the two big reasons why VoIP and unified communications (UC) is resonating with businesses of all sizes. 

For one thing, UC cuts down on equipment costs. Very little endpoint hardware is required, apart from computers and phones. It could even require zero additional hardware as you can use your computers and mobile devices for communications if you choose. UC also cuts down on IT overhead. Unlike on-premise PBX systems, UC doesn’t require a technician every time a change needs to be made. Adding an extension and the like are easy to self-service. Then there’s the flexibility part of the equation. UC systems aren’t wedded to circuits and channels, allowing companies to take only as many extensions as they need and “pay as they grow.” That goes for functionality too; companies can add features on-demand, like toll-free numbers, voicemail, call forward, conference calls, call monitoring, blocking unwanted callers, voice message-to-e-mail, and music-on-hold.

In short, moving to an IP-based system has clear, demonstrable benefits for your business:

  • It’s less expensive, especially when it comes to international calls
  • It’s more scalable and flexible than old-fashioned telco services
  • Hosted versions offer a pay-as-you-grow model
  • No major IT help is needed, so systems are easier and faster to deploy and maintain
  • Modern VoIP and UC platforms offer the same quality and reliability as traditional phone systems

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