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Being available for your customers is something you simply can’t take for granted. Most businesses strive to offer the best service possible for their clients, hoping to forge lasting relationships via clear and direct lines of reliable communication. But what happens when external factors make it impossible to be there? 

As we enter the winter storm season, it’s worth revisiting the importance of constructing a well-thought-out business continuity (BC) plan. Being able to carry out your company mission and serve customers despite any unforeseen circumstances is a worthy and attainable goal, especially considering that the consequences of not addressing BC go beyond customer disgruntlement.

One smart way your company can ensure BC following a storm or a similar event is by turning to a hosted or cloud-based system to handle your business communication needs. A hosted PBX or unified communications platform that’s managed offsite by a reputable third-party vendor can offer you SLAs guaranteeing uptime, insulating you from the potential of being offline for a considerable amount of time.

At Star2Star, we ensure seamless BC for your company, guaranteeing 99.999 percent uptime reliability for your business calls. In fact, we’ve provided 100 percent uptime since 2011. 

Our automated quality monitoring system allows us to monitor the health of every phone, call, and network component between your phone system and our data center, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We automatically adjust to changing conditions and contact you if we detect a problem. Our help desk is staffed around the clock, so we’ll be here if you need us. 

We can also automatically switch between multiple Internet circuits at your premise if we detect a problem with one of the circuits. We have redundant, high-speed fiber connections to the Internet at each of our eight major points of presence and our two data centers. We also partner with multiple traditional telephone carriers to send your calls over the legacy phone network when necessary.

Business owners are responsible for the well-being of their businesses and their employees. Many may have viewed investing in BC plans as a luxury in the past, but the new opportunities provided by cloud services can prepare a company for any situation. 

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