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When was the last time you listened to your customers—literally? Recording customer interactions is just one strategy smart businesses use daily to gain a competitive advantage. If you’re in the market for a unified communications (UC) solution and have never thought about the benefits that call recording could bring to your business (or if you already have the feature and simply don’t use it!), you’re not alone. Call recording is often overlooked by business leaders, with the exception of contact center managers. Nonetheless, there is a host of reasons why you should be recording and listening to calls, no matter what industry you’re in.

  • Gain customer insights: Every business, small or large, is searching for cost-effective ways to understand its customers. Phone calls containing inquiries, questions and words of praise are valuable data sources, which can be captured and mined through call recording. Knowing who your customers are, the reasons they’re buying from you (or not), and what they think about your business will help you better address their needs and innovate on future products or services. Call recording can also give you an idea of customers’ most frequently asked questions and their pain points. Star2Star’s call recording feature provides users with the ability to record both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Resolve disputes: An unavoidable reality, disputes between customers, clients and businesses occur when misunderstandings arise as the result of complex conversations. Call recording provides documentation of what was actually said, allowing you to refer back when resolving the dispute. Just as we guarantee voice quality on every phone call, Star2Star stands behind its recordings so you can be assured of crystal-clear playback every time, leading to a higher likelihood of problem resolution.
  • Replace note taking: Some client conversations require a greater focus on listening, making it difficult to take notes as the discussion unfolds. Call recording frees up your employees to think about what’s being said, while giving them a resource to refer to later. Calls recorded on the Star2Star system—anywhere from 1,000 hours to 5,000 hours, depending on the phone system in use—may be stored locally or in the cloud using our cloud-based archive service.
  • Train sales representatives: Occasionally monitoring the calls made by your sales team is an excellent way to understand your reps’ individual strengths and weaknesses. Review the recorded calls together and give team members concrete examples of ways to improve on future interactions. Star2Star allows call recording for both on-premises and remote users, which is perfect for far-flung salespeople.

Thanks to Star2Star’s integrated search feature, users can employ different criteria when looking for recorded calls, including start date, end date, caller ID, call duration, and more. In addition, system administrators may select specific extensions for call recording, or enable the feature system-wide.

For many businesses, call recording isn’t a choice—it’s a requirement. Although each state has its own rules on the subject, businesses should always inform customers that their calls are being recorded. 

Star2Star’s unified communications solution, including call recording, is a powerful business tool that not only enables easy communication but also leverages it for growth. To find out more about our call recording solutions:

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