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If you’ve been keeping up with the latest expert projections, you’ve likely noticed that the evidence points towards Unified Communications (UC) and VoIP as the future of communications. For instance, a recent report from Infonetics predicts that the worldwide UC and VoIP market will grow to an impressive $88 billion by 2018. If you are a telecom reseller these numbers suggest that if you aren’t offering your customers best-in-class UC solutions, the future may be bleak. Adding these offerings, however, should brighten your outlook.

Of course, any time you are considering new offerings for your portfolio, you need to be sure you’ll be delivering reliable products to your customer base. You’ve spent years building relationships with these consumers. It doesn’t make sense to risk that trust by selling subpar technology. Today’s customers simply will not stand for extended downtime. So when you’re choosing a partner, guaranteed 99.999 percent uptime reliability helps you avoid customer dissatisfaction.

Before you begin selling and installing these new solutions you need to feel confident that you can answer any customer questions and meet all challenges. Best-in-breed UC organizations will lend billing and marketing support in addition to thorough training. It's also important that you find a provider that offers a scalable cloud solution so that you don't have issues with growth down the line. Upgrading your portfolio to include UC tools provides:

  • Short-term operating cash flow from a familiar model
  • High-value, evergreen monthly residual income
  • Customer trust built from the most reliable platform

In business, whether a company succeeds or fails often boils down to whether it embraces a proactive or reactive culture. Waiting for your competitors to offer UC and VoIP technologies before you do it yourself could mean unhealthy churn rates and a one-way trip into irrelevance. On the flip side, getting on the UC train just as it is leaving the station could give you a leg up for years to come. So, which option sounds more appealing?

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