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In a world with a large and diverse number of unified communications (UC) solutions vying for attention, how does a business choose the one that will best meet its needs?

That question is easier to answer now that a leading research company has completed a thorough investigation of the top candidates in the North American UC industry. In fact, identifying top performers was the goal when Frost & Sullivan delved into a 10-step evaluation of UC competitors to single out recipients for its 2014 Best Practices Awards. And one recipient is …

… Star2Star—for product differentiation excellence in its end-to-end UC solution!

Frost & Sullivan singled out Star2Star’s Cloud Architecture for its unique features and functionality, quality and complexity, customization, ability to target market needs, and brand perception of the uniqueness of the product. Says Elka Popova of Frost & Sullivan, “Star2Star’s Cloud Architecture provides an alternative [to either premises- or cloud-based IP telephony and UC] that combines the best of both worlds. It offers a safer migration path to businesses reluctant to make a substantial investment in a complex, new premises-based system or to entrust all of their communications capabilities to the cloud.”

Star2Star’s scalable UC solution brings together voice, video, fax, instant messaging and presence management solutions into a single, easy-to-use system. This integration of communications features offers significant cost savings and productivity benefits to companies. Additionally, Star2Star’s Cloud Architecture is a smarter design than other UC providers offer. This is because of Star2Star’s on-premises hardware, the StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager (CCM). The StarBox® CCM takes the place of a typical edge device, but is more advanced and more intelligent than its competitors’ on-premises hardware. Need proof? Star2Star enjoys an industry-best 99.85% customer retention rate.

The StarBox® CCM also provides numerous features such as quality of service and call control. It connects over the Internet to Star2Star’s Constellation network, which employs a vast array of nodes and data centers that stretch across the U.S. Round-the-clock monitoring of the system is responsible for our 99.999 percent uptime guarantee and a system that hasn’t been off-line since 2011.

Flexibility is another key differentiator that points to Star2Star’s best-in-class renown. Three different StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager models fit small, medium and large companies, meeting your needs whether you require five phone extensions or 600. All three have an identical Web-based management interface, and all offer the following features, among others:

  • Ability to manage multiple locations from a single screen
  • Solid-state design with low power consumption (as low as 6W)
  • Integrated monitoring and remote management
  • Flexible, redundant networking configuration with dual WAN ports for automatic WAN failover
  • Long life and high reliability

Regardless of the size of your company, switching to UC can save money and provide significant benefits, such as free calling between disparate offices on the same system, and a single, monthly bill for all your communications. Our suite further includes:

  • Presence management technology
  • Company-wide videoconferencing
  • Text Chat
  • Call recording
  • Mobile communications and presence for iPhone
  • Disaster avoidance and recovery
  • Crystal-clear VoIP calling

We’ve known for a long time how well our solutions meet today’s business needs and satisfy our customers, but now the world knows that we’re ranked among the best for our UC excellence—thanks to Frost & Sullivan. To download the research firm’s entire report, click here.


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