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Right now, your organization's business communications system is a giant mess. Your employees are using a large number of disparate services to correspond with one another on a daily basis, but these systems are unreliable and difficult to operate. Outlook, in other words, operates independently from your phone system.  This is a problem. 

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Here's the good news, though: 

You can easily repair your fragmented business communications system by partnering with a unified communications (UC) solutions provider like Star2Star. 

So, what exactly is UC? 

It's simple: 

UC involves integrating many different communications services into one centralized platform. This approach combines three different types of services including real-time (like voice), near real-time (instant messaging), and non real-time (email) communication. A UC platform can also include helpful features like:  

  • Presence management
  • Mobile integration
  • Data collection and distribution
  • Video communication
  • Directory services 

One of the biggest reasons why enterprises are consolidating their communications solutions is because this approach has been proven to improve employee productivity. 

Here are five ways UC can boost productivity in your organization: 


1. Reduce Travel

Employees are most effective when they are sitting in front of their desks, working — not when they are stuck in traffic or at the airport, trying to get to a meeting or conference. Meetings are necessary but they can be easily streamlined using a UC platform. Star2Star's UC solution, for instance, can fit over up to 12 users into a single video conference. Plus, it's easy to access for end users. 

2. Improve Collaboration

Imagine an employee is in the middle of a project, but he or she needs advice from another worker who is on the other side of the office. In the past, this person would have to get up and walk across the office, track down the other employee, have a conversation and then go back—possibly stopping to use the bathroom, grab a cup of coffee, or speak with someone else along the way. Collaboration, in other words, can often lead to procrastination which is bad for productivity. UC offers useful tools like presence detection and instant messaging, so that problems can be solved faster and more efficiently. 

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3. Improve Telework

One of the biggest problems that business administrators have with telework today is that it pulls workers to be away from their desktop phone and email systems. As such, they are liable to miss important phone calls or email notifications. A UC solution will combine all messages into one platform that can be integrated with any employee's mobile device —thus ensuring that when important messages come in, they will be received by the appropriate parties. 

4. Record And Access Calls

Imagine you have an important client phone call, and you want to access it at a later date. You would have to use a third-party recording solution, which can be unreliable and insecure. A UC solution solves this problem by allowing users to record phone calls and store them inside of a centralized database that can be accessed from any location using the Internet. 

5. Guarantee Uptime

When the phone lines go down, or Internet connectivity is lost, productivity can come to a grinding halt. A UC solution can offer Internet failover, so that if service is disrupted your business communications system will continue running seamlessly. 

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