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Cloud Communications, especially unified communications (UC), is a hot commodity in the business technology industry today. In fact, Transparency Market Research forecasts that the global UC market will reach $61.9 billion in 2018. This prediction for immense market growth reflects the growing awareness among businesses of the significant benefits that can be derived from implementing UC solutions. In fact, the robust features within UC systems will help boost your organization’s bottom line.

Below are five surefire ways you’ll generate ROI from your cloud-based UC solution:

1) Disaster Recovery

If your business has ever suffered from extreme losses due to a hurricane or other unexpected accident, then you know the detrimental effects a disaster can have on your company's finances and brand reputation. You will be protected from these damages when you deploy a best-in-class Cloud Communications solution. Cloud solutions make major losses to productivity in the wake of a disaster a concept of the past. By having a backup call routing solution in the cloud, your calls and voice-mails can be routed to employees’ cell phones or received by an auto-attendant if your main phone lines goes down.

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2) Line Pooling and Bursting

If your line of work is in the contact center space or many other industries, the need for phone line availability is of the utmost importance. Hosting a special event like a fundraiser can result in a sudden increase of inbound and outbound calls to and from donors, which requires extra support from your phone system. With a Cloud Communications system, like those offered by Star2Star, you can pool the lines at all locations and burst additional lines whenever needed. This relieves the stress of missing calls or upsetting inbound callers due to long hold times and cuts down on costs.

3) Mobility

Everyone can be a remote user with cloud-based UC technology. For instance, Star2Star’s Mobile Softphone (iOS) and Mobile Softphone (Android) allow employees to be present and accessible whether or not they are physically in the office. It’s increasingly important to provide employees with communication methods that are convenient for a mobile lifestyle.  In doing so, you will dramatically increase your business’s productivity which, in turn, improves your revenue.

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4) Reliability

Leading On-premise Cloud Communications solutions like those offered by Star2Star offer incredible reliability. Star2Star guarantees 99.999% uptime, and has seen 100% voice uptime since 2011. This level of reliability is possible due to the unique interactions between the cloud and on-premise equipment that are only possible due to the nature of cloud architecture, such as continuous system monitoring, proactive alert notifications, two-way traffic shaping, and more.

5) Cost Savings

If there is one key factor that assures you’ll reap significant ROI from your Cloud Communications solution it is the outstanding cost savings such a system engenders. A cloud communications system eliminates the need for on-site wires and their associated maintenance fees. Hosted solutions allow you to leave on-premises equipment repairs behind as well, reduce long-distance fees, and scale up with extra phone lines at no additional price. Perhaps most importantly, the ability to pool lines between locations slashes the total number a business needs and must pay for. Even better, having everything on a single system allows for consolidated billing, which further cuts costs.

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