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Compared to traditional on-premises phone systems, a cloud-based business phone systems offer users enhanced scalability, flexibility, ease of management, and cost savings … among other benefits. This has become general knowledge in the telephony space. But are you aware of some of the lesser-known features of moving your communications to the cloud, including integration options and personalization, that put the fun into this fundamental business solution?

Beyond providing basic phone services via the Internet, cloud-based business phone systems include a myriad of advanced features that can lead to improved efficiency and productivity (e.g., conference calling, automated attendants, and line pooling between locations). Here are some of the options that will encourage your end users and optimize the technology:

Free Calling

Maybe you know about this one already since it's one of the most rousing benefits of cloud telephony, but calls are free between callers with the same provider. This goes for long-distance and international calls too.

Take Your Phone With You

From Tokyo to Toronto, use your phone wherever there's Internet access; you don't even need a deskphone , just a broadband Internet connection and a computer. There are softphones available that either plug into your existing Internet connection or use Wi-Fi to make a digital phone call.


Route Calls Automatically

Cloud-based business phone systems enable you to set up automatically call routing procedures. These settings can be both personal and organizationwide, even across all of a company's locations

Transcribe Voicemails To Email

With cloud-based business phone systems, you can convert your voicemail messages into text and have them emailed to your phone.

Never Miss A Call

Easily set up and manage call-forwarding and voicemail settings to avoid renegade midnight calls or if you simply need some downtime. Also, you can redirect calls to pre-set lines within your phone system using caller ID.


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