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5 Ways Cloud Can Benefit You

Simplicity is at the heart of strong enterprise communications. If a system is too complicated, it will only cause problems once it’s up and running, frustrating workers and creating confusion. Simplicity is exactly what you will find in cloud-based technology.

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Here Are Five Ways That Your Business Can Benefit From The Cloud: 

1. High Quality VoIP

Not all VoIP solutions offer the same level of quality and reliability. Businesses often learn this the hard way, when they go for the lowest price option on the market.

The ideal pure cloud technology is designed to enable a superior VoIP experience. With cloud technology, businesses can obtain SLA-backed VoIP service with guaranteed uptime and availability. A proper UCaaS system can also help provide guidance and support during installation and configuration, in order to ensure a seamless transition and reliable service.

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2. User-friendly Interface 

Pure cloud software combines multiple communications tools into one user-friendly interface. Your workers will love having all of their tools embedded into a single portal, where they are easy to find and access. 

Today, the average worker has so many different devices and apps that they can get overwhelmed moving back and forth between them. You should pick a UCaaS system that solves this problem by centralizing everything in one simple portal, increasing productivity and reducing time waste. 

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3. Pure Cloud Architecture

Overall enterprise cloud adoption remains strong. In fact, 77 percent of enterprises have at least one application or a portion of their enterprise computing infrastructure in the cloud. This figure keeps increasing year over year.

If you want to catch up fast, the best thing you can do is start out with a pure cloud solution, which is typically more lightweight and easier to install compared to an on-premises system. Pure cloud also offers a way to leverage next-generation communications quickly without adding additional operational expenditures or creating extra work for IT. 

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4. Total Flexibility

Right now the trend in enterprise communications is to consolidate communications across all global locations. This is important for ensuring consistency and reliability. You don’t want an office in New York, for instance, using different communications tools and techniques than a branch in Chicago or London. Everyone should be aligned and on the same system. 

Operations can be connected and combined into a single platform, enabling features like shared data, call transfers, and ring groups with pure cloud software. You want to have a cloud system that can help a multi-site, distributed enterprise operate as a single and cohesive organization.

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For example, pure cloud technology can help multi-site organizations communicate and collaborate over vast distances with high quality video conferencing. Employees can then communicate together and share information over a single screen, solving problems together and working as a group even when they aren’t physically present.

5. Enhanced Network Support 

Quality pure cloud technology can also be combined with services like software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN). 

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By leveraging SD-WAN, network administrators can optimize cloud, voice, and data traffic from a single location. This service makes it possible to manage and allocate traffic to critical applications as it’s needed. This can help reduce wasted bandwidth, while ensuring all applications function properly across the enterprise.


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