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Let’s face it; finding a sophisticated communications system with all of the features and support that your business needs can be difficult. Typically, you end up reluctantly choosing a communications system that has only a fraction of the features that you want.  For example, you may get some unified communication features like presence and chat, but you have to sacrifice around-the-clock support and disaster recovery. Alternatively, you may get dedicated support, but the system lacks critical functionality for your employees. 

Settling for a communications system that doesn’t check all of your boxes is not the way to go. After all, you’re investing a substantial amount of money on a system that will act as the backbone of your entire business. A bad investment not only results in a purely financial cost, but it also has a trickle-down effect on the rest of your business. There’s no need to panic, however. Finding the right communications system to meet your unique business is easy when you choose a Scalable Cloud Communications Solution from Star2Star.

A cloud-based communications system is one that connects calls through an IP network connection. Unlike a premise-based communications system in which the hardware is kept on-site and maintained by your staff, a cloud-based communications system can be maintained remotely by an experienced third-party. 

With the right cloud-based communications system, you don’t have to compromise on features and support. There are other notable advantages as well. These systems are extraordinarily cost-effective, as you don’t need to employee additional IT staff to constantly oversee your communications system. Instead, a dedicated and experienced provider takes care of system configuration changes and other maintenance.

The best cloud-based communications systems offer virtually limitless scalability.  Your business could grow or shrink in the coming year, meaning you might need to ramp up or ramp down your communications system.  A cloud-based communications system is flexible and customizable, so it can meet your individual needs, no matter how complex or simple they are. 

For example, let’s say that you need to employ a dozen remote account managers to deal with an influx of new clients. A scalable communications system allows you to easily and inexpensively outfit remote employees with a full communications system. They’ll have access to all of the sophisticated features that your in-office employees have, including conferencing, presence technology, chat, voicemail, and more. Even better, they’ll enjoy reliable, high-speed connectivity to facilitate seamless, continuous communication.

In addition to scalability and cost effectiveness, cloud-based communications systems offer something that most on-premise systems simply cannot—business continuity. Your employees depend on your communications system running smoothly. However, inclement weather or unexpected outages can knock your communications system down, leaving your business stranded.  With a best-in-class cloud-based communications system, you don’t have to worry if your communications lines go down during a nasty storm or outage because calls are automatically routed to other locations and employee cell communications. What’s more, some providers can continuously monitor your system so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected glitches. 

Finding the right communications system to meet your needs is no walk in the park. Stop settling for second-best and invest in a scalable cloud-based communications system that meets all of your needs. Not only will your customers and employees see the difference, but your bottom line will too. 

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