When people think “fax,” it often conjures up images of standing next to a clunky machine, meticulously feeding in documents that you hope reach their intended recipient on the other side of the phone line. However, today’s fax technology is a whole different story, leveraging the power of IP to become personalized, reliable, and eco-friendly.

While faxing is an older technology, it’s a required one in some verticals, like healthcare and finance, where emailed documents don’t satisfy regulatory requirements. Others still use faxing out of convenience, given that all-in-one printers, scanners, and fax machines are all but ubiquitous.

At Star2Star, our phone “lines” are actually virtual connections created over a broadband Internet connection. So, our faxing service is a modern, environmentally friendly way to incorporate fax into a business workflow without paper, ink, or power-hungry fax machines, saving space and money. With a modern business fax solution, channel partners can help clients eliminate that old-school onsite fax infrastructure like fax servers, fax machines, gateway software, and costly dedicated telco lines. 

Each user is assigned a unique, personal fax number for incoming faxes. When a fax is sent to that number, the Star2Star system receives the fax and stores it in the cloud at a Star2Star data center. 

At the same time, the solution enables users to send and receive faxes securely and cost-effectively by email. Incoming faxes are stored as Adobe PDF files. Users can view, forward, print, or download faxes to their computers.

Also, one big driver of today’s faxing uptake is mobile fax. For users that are on the road, mobile fax apps allow them to easily view faxes on a mobile device, as well as send them from an email or photo. 

To meet this demand, Star2Star also offers StarFax Mobile, a smartphone application that allows users of its StarFax Personal service to send and receive faxes on their mobile devices. StarFax Mobile will send faxes to or receive faxes from a StarFax Personal account or to a fax machine, all from an easy-to-navigate mobile interface. StarFax Mobile enables StarFax Personal users to quickly connect and transmit critical documents even if they cannot access a computer or fax machine.  It’s available on both iOS and Android devices.

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