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Enterprises present unique challenges. More so than SMBs, large corporations are layered, layered with processes, products, teams and information.

A critical piece of the puzzle is communication. The sheer quantity of information being exchanged in large companies creates a complexity all its own. Add to that the fact that communication takes place on many levels, both internally and externally, with huge numbers of parties (inside and outside) needing to be reached, pockets of collaborative teams, and operations and employees stretching to all parts of the globe.

In addition, the varying levels of technological expertise among such a vast workforce makes it difficult to employ communication tools effectively across the board. Outdated communication strategies could actually be slowing things down and undermining competitiveness. 

Enterprises are increasingly looking to unified communications (UC) to address these challenges. All too often, they enter into agreements with channel partners or UC vendors and are sold a package based on what that vendor has available. In truth, though, many solutions fall short because they’re essentially one-size-fits-all. Scalability, flexibility and future needs are rarely taken into consideration.

At Star2Star, that’s not how we do business.

We believe that large companies need real communication solutions that are designed with their business goals in mind. A truly enterprise-grade UC system does more than simply provide hundreds of multitasking phones. CIOs want integrated solutions that are configured to meet their business needs and systems that are easily adaptable. With the right technology in place, open and easy communication leads to collaborative information-sharing that gets things done.

Our channel partners play an invaluable role in helping us to reach this market. They are uniquely positioned “on the ground” to understand the specific needs of enterprises, and work closely with business leaders to craft individualized solutions. 

Star2Star’s channel partner program is the best in the industry. We empower our partners by giving them all the billing, marketing, technical, and training support they need so they can focus on what they do best, building relationships and making sales.

Our partners are passionate about their sales because they believe in the product. In fact, their job gets easier thanks to happy customers and nearly zero customer churn. They’re seeing this kind of success because we offer:

  • A feature-rich platform that’s one of the easiest to use in the industry;
  • Top-notch support across the board, from shipping and receiving to billing and sales;
  • Exceptional, around-the-clock technical support;
  • The most redundant system on the market;
  • Outstanding voice quality;
  • 99.999 percent guaranteed uptime reliability; and
  • High levels of customer trust.

Our generous compensation plan reflects our commitment and our position as a leader. Some vendors currently offer a $50,000 bonus for selling 5,000 seats and claim that these figures are disruptive to the industry, but in reality our agents receive at least twice that amount. On top of that, we have additional bonuses and attractive rebates for our customers. 

Our channel partners do more than just sell phones. We work together to sell a service.

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