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There comes a point for every growing organization when it becomes impossible to keep all operations in-house, and it’s necessary to start outsourcing certain business processes to third-party providers. This is true for a number of different tasks, ranging from marketing to design to billing. And now, one of the biggest processes that organizations are outsourcing is enterprise communications.

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That’s right — communications can be outsourced just like any other business process. This can be accomplished by consulting with a provider like Star2Star that offers Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). UCaaS is a system that involves transmitting communication and collaborations over hosted IP networks. With a UCaaS solution, it is possible to combine multiple, disparate communications systems into one consolidated platform. 

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Some of the most common UCaaS enterprise solutions on the market today include: 

Presence Technology

A system that allows users to see whether other employees are available to speak or text. Presence information can save a tremendous amount of time when trying to contact another employee. It’s especially helpful for remote teams, where workers cannot get up to see if other people are at their desks throughout the day. 

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging makes it possible for workers to communicate over a computer or mobile device via text. For certain jobs, text messaging can be much more efficient than speaking with someone over the phone.  


In the past, enterprise voice communication primarily took place over Publicly Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) infrastructure. In a UCaaS setting, the PSTN gets replaced with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing makes it possible to conduct meetings quickly and efficiently — reducing travel and saving money for businesses. With the right video solution and conference phone you can leverage audiovisuals from a distance as if you are actually in the same room together.

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Top of mind for every modern enterprise is system reliability and security. UCaaS is exceptionally well-equipped to offer advanced protection against network downtime and data vulnerabilities, as well as help with system recovery.

Disasters can arise at any time, disrupting corporate communications and leaving businesses stranded without any way of getting in touch with their customers. As we explained in a recent article, businesses are losing about $700 billion each year due to IT downtime. Downtime-related losses can lead to a tarnished brand image, compromised network security, and many other problems. 

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A cloud-based UCaaS solution protects against IT downtime because businesses do not have to worry about protecting infrastructure. The infrastructure and important data are stored off-site, in a secure location that is also protected with additional redundancy and disaster protection services. 

In addition, by outsourcing your communications needs to a hosted third-party UCaaS provider, your businesses can free up critical IT staff members who would otherwise be bogged down with extra system maintenance. These staff members can be re-allocated to focus on other, more pressing issues like technology deployments, upgrades, and help desk support. 


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