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Now is an optimal time to be selling evolving and emerging technologies, as so many businesses are looking to improve their data processing and communications capabilities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, information services is the second-fastest growing industry in the U.S., second only to home health care services. At the same time, technology and software were recently named a top industry for sales jobs in 2018.

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With this in mind, there is a tremendous opportunity in evolving and emerging technologies for savvy sales professionals who can overcome hurdles and strike deals with key decision makers. Success, however, is not guaranteed in this competitive industry. 

How To Sell & Succeed

Here are some tips to keep in mind whether you are just starting out in this space, or you are a seasoned veteran: 

1. Use Buyer Personas

One of the most fundamental rules in sales is to always know your buyer. This is especially true when selling technology solutions. You should be prepared to speak with a variety of professionals ranging from C-level executives to IT managers and consultants. Know how each buyer fits into the equation in order to market to them effectively.  

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2. Use Content To Engage Your Buyers

You are probably already aware of the benefits of using content to engage your audience. You shouldn’t have to create content yourself, though. Partner with technology vendors offering robust sales enablement programs supported by a variety of high-quality articles and videos that can educate and inform your buyers.

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3. Connectivity Is Critical

With cloud-based communications technologies, it’s important to look into the vendor’s overall network reach. Does the vendor have the ability to provide high-quality services from any location? Ideally, a vendor will offer powerful and intuitive software backed by a global network of access points for ultra-fast and reliable voice and video transfers. Anything less is a major red flag, and an indicator that the customer may run into performance issues. 

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4. Offer 4G LTE Failover

Unplanned network downtime remains one of the most damaging enterprise threats, as it can impact everything from productivity and output to customer communications. You can help customers prevent unplanned network downtime by offering seamless 4G LTE failover for their critical communications.

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5. Mobility Is Key

Most businesses today want to embrace enterprise mobility, but don’t know how to get started. You should strongly consider adding a mobile solutions provider to your portfolio to help your customers move forward with their mobile goals.   

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6. Consolidation Is Trending

Another major issue facing businesses today is “app overload.” As businesses gain more and more communications solutions, employees are becoming inundated with the number of technologies they have to manage. You can stand out by offering Unified Communications (UC), which involves consolidating multiple communications technologies into a single, web-based hub. This will save time and boost productivity across the organization. UC, it should be noted, is rapidly evolving as vendors are adding features like artificial intelligence to make their platforms more effective and responsive. 

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7. Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Vendor lock-in is a serious problem with cloud technologies. Oftentimes, businesses will sign exclusive, long-term deals with technology providers only to wind up dissatisfied, but unable to break their contracts. Offer solutions that avoid vendor lock-in, giving the customer greater flexibility to make their own choices. 

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8. Look Into SD-WAN

One of the hottest enterprise communications technologies right now is software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), which allows businesses to deploy connectivity across multiple branch locations rapidly and securely. SD-WAN can help IT  administrators guarantee strong application performance across the enterprise and reduce telecommunications costs. 

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9. Bring In Experts

Sometimes, the best sales strategy is to defer to an expert to answer highly technical questions. While you should always know the technologies that you are selling, don’t be afraid to bring in a third-party technical expert to answer hard-hitting questions during the sales process. Play the role of the advisor, not the expert. 

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10. Don’t Sell--Consult

At the end of the day, each business will have drastically different needs. What works for one business, like the cloud, may not work for another. Instead of pushing technologies on your customers, partner with a communications vendor offering a range of communications options, or the ability to respond to any customer need. Listen to what the customer wants, and then respond with an appropriate solution. 


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