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Talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) has been exploding lately. Still in its early stages, the IoT is predicted to dramatically change not only the tech game, but also our entire way of life, impacting everything from the way we work to the way we drive. It’s predicted there will be 25 billion Internet-connected things by 2020, and that these tens of billions of connected devices will collect and share all kinds of data, redefining what it means to communicate. 

In the midst of all the excitement, though, there are challenges to be solved. While the idea of the IoT is to enable easy communication between devices, all these devices are speaking different languages. Without technical standards defining the future development of IoT products, there’s little hope of bridging this communication gap. 

As a UC provider, communication is our strong suit. We believe that the most successful businesses are those that bring people together, no matter where they are or what method of communication they’re using. At Star2Star, we go one step further: Because an organization’s “things” are just as integral to the operation of the business; we make sure that they communicate equally as well as people. 

Most other UC solutions leave things behind. An organization making the switch to a hosted VoIP solution will, in many cases, find that there’s limited or no support for their legacy analog devices such as cordless phones, overhead paging systems, traditional fax machines and entry phones. Either a separate analog connection must be retained for this equipment to work, or these vital business functions will fall by the wayside after the switch.

Star2Star customers can get the enhanced features and benefits that come with our advanced UC solution, while continuing to operate a system they’re comfortable with. Star2Star unifies all aspects of business communications, even the parts that rely on analog technology. Analog devices can easily be connected to our hosted system with the use of a device called an analog telephone adapter (ATA). 

For example, our Analog Fax allows businesses to send and receive faxes over the Star2Star network using a traditional fax machine. The ATA device uses the existing Internet connection to communicate with a specialized faxing server in our data center, allowing us to route fax traffic over the Internet just as we do for voice phone calls. An unlimited amount of phone numbers can point to a single fax machine, and our advanced call routing keeps fax traffic flowing. The same is true for legacy analog phones, paging systems, door phones, and cordless phones. In fact, virtually any modern hardware—or software—can be integrated into a Star2Star system.

Thanks to our expansive network of certified partner technicians, there’s no need for any additional technical knowledge on your part when it comes to integrating analog devices. Our professional services team will handle it all, as well as any other issues with system design or configuration, no matter where you’re located in the U.S. or Canada. 

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