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Microsoft recently went through a bit of a frenzy releasing a round of updates to resolve a security vulnerability. They initially thought they caught it and posted a patch to fix an exploit where a Print Spooler could run code with System privilege, which would allow anyone to install programs, create new users, or view/change/delete data. Unfortunately, weeks later, researchers determined that the patch didn’t address all of the exploit vectors, so Microsoft had to push another update to resolve, dubbed “PrintNightmare”, to fully address the public vulnerability.

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Star2Star’s Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is windows-based; as soon as we heard about the vulnerability, our team was eager to get this issue resolved to keep our customers happy. So eager, in fact, that Star2Star had already rectified the vulnerability even before Microsoft came out with the patch! 

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The ability for us, and our customers, to push configurations globally to all users, and with urgency, is just one of the many values of a DaaS solution. Since every user of DaaS accesses their desktop virtually, from the cloud, there are no patches that need to be manually installed, like is needed on every office worker’s PC. And with the current work-from-home remote working landscape, IT admins are not burdened with the countless PCs they would have to remotely manage, for any configuration change or security patch or policy update. Just one central cloud-based location to perform all changes. 

Learn more about Star2Star’s DaaS, a virtual desktop collaboration solution, backed by a dedicated team, and designed to connect to your other workspace services for an optimized productivity experience.

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