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Far too many businesses today are struggling with poor quality communications. In a recent survey of 400 organizations with 100,000 employees, an average loss of $62.4 million per year was reported due to inadequate communications between workers. 

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Simply put, without reliable communications, it’s just about impossible to run a successful business. Poor quality communications can impact everything from customer service to project management to overall growth. As such, strong communications must be a priority for enterprise decision makers. 

3 Vital Communication Components

Decision makers should remember “CPR” when approaching enterprise communications: 

  • Connectivity: This is the backbone of enterprise communications. Without fast and cost-effective connectivity in place, supported by a robust network of global PoPs, enterprise applications will struggle with quality issues. 
  • Productivity: Workers need access to Unified Communications (UC) services that will help them communicate and collaborate effectively as a team, for maximum productivity. UC involves consolidating voice, video, fax, text, and presence tools into a single, web-based console. UC eliminates time wasteand helps avoid “app overload.”
  • Reliability: 4G LTE failover and data center redundancy is needed to ensure communications remain up and running at all times. The Uptime Institute, it should be noted, recently issued a weather warning for data centers saying that the number of severe weather incidents is expected to increase. Most companies, however, lack strategies to ensure uptime.  

As you can see, connectivity, productivity, and reliability are the three main pillars of enterprise communications, and all three are equally important. The problem, however, is that businesses typically obtain these services from multiple vendors which is very risky. A great UC platform, for instance, is basically useless if not supported by the right network components. If just one vendor drops the ball, it can impact the entire organization. 

Customized Communications Offer More

Instead of going through multiple communications vendors, businesses are strongly encouraged to partner with a Full Spectrum Communications provider that can serve as a one-stop-shop for all of the above-mentioned services, customized around an organization’s exact needs. 

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Think of a Full Spectrum Communications provider like a department store of sorts for business communications; You will be able to access every type of service that your business requires, from a single provider, at an affordable cost. A Full Spectrum Communications provider will be able to offer powerful and intuitive UC services backed by flexible and reliable connectivity services. 

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For instance, a provider that offers both pure and on-premises cloud UC, SD-WAN, and the option to integrate third-party applications can provide maximum control and cost savings. Rather than negotiate contracts with separate providers for every communications need, you only need to work with one provider who can offer you the exact components needed to run your business and customize it with any outside applications or tools that you leverage for other operations. This also strengthens your overall system’s performance, reliability, and security since the same provider is managing all of the underlying technology.

Other Customization Benefits

A provider who can customize their products to fit your business will be able to work with your organization as it changes, too. For instance, if you want to open several new branch locations in different areas of the country or across the globe, the infrastructure will already be in place to expand as needed. You will have a single vendor to communicate with and a trusted source to walk you through the process. 

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With this in mind, Full Spectrum Communications really means customized communications. The right provider can help your business no matter what its communications needs may be. It’s just a matter of sitting down and determining exactly what will help your business be the most successful, and then implementing the solutions to make it happen.


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