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Your business is always looking for ways to cut costs and simplify your processes, and Star2Star is always looking for ways to help your business. That’s why we consolidate all of your monthly telecommunications bills for all of your locations on a single, consolidated bill. 

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Nobody likes to pay their monthly phone bill; it takes time and always seems to cost too much. It gets worse when you add more communications services and operate multiple locations. Many of our competitors require customers to pay a separate bill for each service and each location. If you want phones and voice conferencing at two locations, you have to pay four bills. If you want phones, wireless backup, voice conferencing, and videoconferencing at 100 locations, you have to pay 400. Some companies have to pay thousands of communications bills every month.

Obviously, the cost of paying thousands of bills every month can be extraordinarily high, but that’s only half the challenge that it can pose. Analyzing, verifying, challenging, and physically paying those bills take time, costly man hours that could have been better spent on more mission-critical tasks. One Star2Star customer needed an entire team of employees to do that. They had no other job, just to handle the tens of thousands of phone bills that came in every month for the company’s more than 10,000 locations. The customer wasn’t just paying their bills, they were paying for staff to pay the bills. That’s double the pain.

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That’s where Star2Star’s consolidated billing comes into play. You get all of your communications services at all of your locations on one bill - not four, not four hundred, not four thousand, one. You don’t need a whole staff; you don’t even need a single employee to spend hours. You just have to pay a single bill.

Star2Star was able to reduce the number of bills that customer paid every month by over 10,000. That staff of bill payers was entirely reassigned to tasks that provided more value to the company. All in all, Star2Star has saved our customer millions.

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