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Right now retailers across the U.S. are celebrating a record-breaking holiday shopping season. This season, sales surged by 4.9 percent between Nov. 1 and Dec. 24. And Mastercard customers spent over $800 billion which is the highest figure to date. 

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Even better, experts predict that the surging economy is poised for further growth in 2018, especially following the major federal tax overhaul that was recently passed into law. Consumers will soon have more spending money in their wallets. 

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To capitalize on consumer spending, it’s vital for businesses to ensure that they have the right communications solutions in place. This is important for engaging with customers, processing transactions and managing the overall customer journey. 

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Communications Trends 2018

So, what trends should you focus on this year? Here are some top communications trends for 2018 to keep in mind: 

Disaster Recovery

More and more businesses are going digital today, a trend that will undoubtedly accelerate in 2018. As such, demand is rising for solutions that can protect against unplanned network downtime and data loss, and guarantee business continuity. The fact is that the majority of businesses cannot afford more than a few minutes of downtime, making disaster recovery a top digital trend for 2018.

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Cutting-edge business continuity and disaster recovery solutions like continuous monitoring and robust SD-WAN network controls can help businesses stay online even in the event of a local area outage or natural disaster. 

Data Analysis

Most businesses today are collecting data in some form or another, but a surprising amount are still struggling to understand how to maximize it. In many organizations, data is sitting idly instead of being put to work — resulting in higher risks from a cybersecurity perspective, missed opportunities and minimal return on investment. 

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Detailed reporting and analytics applications can provide actionable analytics for businesses. Using the advanced features that come with such applications makes it possible to dig deeper into how your communications are performing and identify trends that can be used to engage more effectively with customers as well as increase profits. 

Seamless Collaboration

Another top communications demand for 2018 is seamless collaboration. Over the last few years, there have been major advancements in the cloud communications and collaboration space. Now, there are a variety of apps that can be easily downloaded and used in an enterprise setting to improve productivity like video, file sharing, and real-time document editing. 

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Well-designed collaboration and productivity tools help businesses create collaborative contact centers with Unified Communications platforms. These advanced systems offer features like instant messaging, high-quality voice, real-time presence information, and more that drastically enhance how businesses communicate both internally and externally.

Here’s To Staying Ahead Of The Trends

As you embark on a fresh year, your communications system will be instrumental in keeping you abreast of the curve as it allows you to tackle businesses challenges in real-time. Keep these three trends we've highlighted in mind as you strive forward to face whatever new trends come your way. Here’s to a great 2018 for your communications and your business!


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