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When it comes to finding a communications provider, it is important to consider that even the best business communications systems are not perfect. A communications endpoint can accidentally break and require a replacement or repair. Unexpected network downtime can occur, requiring rapid response troubleshooting. And sometimes, network issues like latency can arise resulting in poor-sounding or unintelligible calls. 

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For these reasons, it’s important to consider not just the products that a communications vendor has to offer, but also the support and maintenance behind it.  The last thing your business needs is a vendor that will make you wait or keep you in the dark when assistance is required. 

Here at Star2Star, we take great pride in keeping our customers’ systems in proper working condition. Maintenance and support are our specialties.  

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First and foremost, Star2Star offers a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee. Our solutions come with embedded disaster recovery, automatic backup and failover and analog line backup services. By offering these services, Star2Star is able to mitigate many of the problems that require customer service in the first place. 

When service is needed, though, Star2Star shines by offering unparalleled support and maintenance—ensuring that even if something goes wrong in the network, Star2Star will be there to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. 

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Star2Star offers free business day replacement parts for any reason other than abuse. Star2Star also offers free automatic software updates for all hardware, and around-the-clock support. So if something happens after hours, you can rest assured knowing that the problem will be investigated in a timely manner and communications will not be impacted for long.

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