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One-hit wonders of the technological market exist, and this Business Insider list of cross-market innovations that graced us with their presence for a fleeting moment should serve as a reminder. Their brief existence can be chalked up to the lack of value each invention brought to its user.

If you’re unsure about the function and execution of your unified communication (UC) solution’s features, you may be in danger of wasting their potential value. If you’re concerned that your employees are having a difficult time using your current UC solution, chances are you already have a problem that needs immediate fixing. UC solutions are meant to augment business productivity, not hinder it with complex features that are more trouble than they’re worth. Use the points below as a guide to recognize how user-friendly the features of best-in-class UC systems should be:

The Learning Process: Star2Star enables key system emulation, which reduces the learning time and improves the learning process for end-users. Key system emulation allows you to implement a UC system without interrupting your business’s current usage workflow. UC is a technology founded on its ability to improve efficiency and collaboration. Why bother installing it if the training process will set your growth back significantly? Simple transitioning is vital.

Accessibility of Features: UC features such as chat, videoconferencing, and presence management only bring value if they are used efficiently. For example, your current UC system offers videoconferencing, but you can’t figure out how to access this feature. Eventually, your employees will get fed up and download a third-party application, making your current solution a waste of money and opening your company up to potential security issues. A best-in-breed UC system will provide access to each function from a single, easy-to-use interface, such as the Star2Star Application Framework.

Leverage the complete capabilities of your UC system by choosing the one with the easiest operation.



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