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No matter the size of your business, today’s competitive market requires that you update your communications system to remain profitable. Even small businesses of 10 to 100 users, should nix any phone system tribulations as soon as possible to improve daily business management. Your challenge as a small-business owner is unique in that you need to meet customer expectations for enterprise-style service, but on a small-scale budget, and without a large IT staff—if any.

How do you provide your customers with big-business features and quality at an affordable price? Star2Star’s small-business VoIP phone system packages provide unified communications (UC) tools that build efficiency and collaboration throughout small-business offices, delivering features designed to address the challenges that small businesses face. 

These include the following must-haves:

  • Fundamental voice capabilities: find me/follow me, voicemail, call forwarding and call transfer
  • Mobile Softphone: Better enable your mobile workforce
  • StarPath: Tests call quality every hour to ensure optimal quality
  • StarWatch: Proactively monitors the status of a customer location proactively every five minutes
  • Key system emulation: Replicates your existing communications system, making it simpler for you to learn and use.
  • Choice of quality phones from leading brands: Find the best fit for your business
  • Call recording: Store past calls for monitoring employee performance and customer satisfaction

 Star2Star also delivers the following benefits to your small business:

  • Expansive functionality: We provide a rich suite of advanced UC features, including videoconferencing, instant text messaging, the capability to send and receive faxes in the cloud (as well as using a traditional fax machine) and superior call management tools.
  • Reliability and quality: Star2Star guarantees 99.999 percent uptime while providing calls of the highest quality, eliminating delay, echo and distortion.
  • Reduced costs: Our solution cuts our customers’ monthly phone bills by up to 50 percent. Our line pooling feature allows you to share a single set of lines among all of your locations, and additional lines can be added as needed.
  • Disaster protection: Star2Star provides a number of protections including cloud-based message storage and the ability to re-route calls to cell phones or other locations.

To learn more about how Star2Star’s cloud-based unified communications solution can improve the proficiency of your small business’s phone system:

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