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Work-related stress is a problem in many organizations, and everyone wants a way to ease the strain. One contributor to the pressure could be your legacy phone system, especially if it no longer meets your business needs. Luckily, with unified communications (UC) you can sigh a breath of relief, as the robust communication features and ease-of-use UC makes possible are sure to remedy your workplace worries.

Let’s look into three common causes of work-related stress that a best-in-class UC system like Star2Star's, can help you resolve.

  • Financial Stress: The financial pressure brought on by high telecom fees like long-distance calls, repairs and servicing an on-premises system can raise your blood pressure. However, a Star2Star UC system is more cost effective, as it enables you to make long distance calls between all of your company's locations with no extra fees. Even better, Star2Star maintenance and free next-business-day parts replacements programs guarantee you don’t have to worry about spending big dollars replacing out-dated equipment.
  • Traveling Inconveniences: Being disconnected from team members when you are on the road is often a recipe for stress. Star2Star keeps you connected with a solution that is optimized for mobility and features like voicemail, presence management and Find Me - Follow Me call routing. Lower out-of-office stress levels are derived from missing internal conference calls or important voicemails by accessing in-office tools on your mobile phone.
  • Low Morale: Siloed work environments can lead to strife between individuals and even entire departments, undermining productivity and adding anxiety to your office environment. Star2Star’s robust UC features, like instant chat and videoconferencing, allow colleagues to brainstorm, share information, and keep in touch even when there are located remotely. Constant communications speaks to improved cooperation and better employee relationships.

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