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Collaboration is primarily seen as a productivity tool, one that involves individuals with unique talents and specialized knowledge joining forces to reach a common goal. UC solutions are a natural fit for such collaborative efforts, connecting employees across organizations by providing ways to work more efficiently and productively. In fact, the need to improve collaboration is a major reason why 86 percent of organizations are either currently testing or using UC tools. Collaboration done right can be more meaningful than the successful completion of a project; it also cultivates an environment of creativity, engagement, and inclusiveness. In essence, it creates a great company culture. 

Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between a positive work culture and annual profits. Some businesses even consider company culture a profit center because it helps them to attract top talent, which leads to attracting new clients, which leads to growth. It also cuts down on employee turnover, which is draining on the bottom line. 

UC is at the heart of collaboration. It’s an open line of communication for teams that makes working together less project-oriented and more ingrained in everyday processes. Teams that share frequently and discuss regularly have stronger relationships and develop similar values and expectations, resulting in higher quality work products. 

Some of the UC tools that foster collaboration and a positive company culture include:

  • Instant messaging: Messaging is not only perfect for communicating with coworkers down the hall or around the globe, it’s also fast becoming the most preferred mode of communication. To make instant messaging work harder as a culture-booster, use it to send personalized texts to individual employees or groups of employees to recognize excellent performance or work anniversaries. 
  • Conference calling: Regular contact is important for building relationships. At a time when 3.7 million employees work from home at least half the time, it’s a challenge. While text is often the most convenient way to stay in touch, talking sparks more natural, impromptu conversation. To extend the reach of a typical conference call beyond project-specific updates and discussions, showcase the efforts of employees by allowing them to share recent successes or noteworthy news. Encourage them to talk freely, without a set agenda, so that concerns can be aired and support can be offered. Conference calls don’t have to be long or elaborate; quick, stand-up meetings can be just as beneficial as longer meetings.
  • Video conferencing with document sharing: True collaboration requires a shared “workspace” where employees can do more than just talk. Star2Star’s Video Meetings conference tool offers the capability for up to 12 users to meet face-to-face while viewing and editing virtually any type of file. Giving staff members an easy way to share and discuss documents encourages knowledge-sharing, which makes employees more invested in the process. Teams can also come together instantaneously to create something new together. 

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