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cold calling tips

Let’s face it: there is nothing easy about cold calling. It’s a tough game — and something that takes a lot of hard work to master. 

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The thing about cold calling, though, is that it can work. It may not work every time — and it may not be desirable — but if you follow best practices and have the right resources at your disposal (and a positive attitude) cold calling can actually be quite effective. 

In a recent blog post, we offered 9 cold calling sales techniques that have been proven to deliver strong results. Here are six more cold calling tips that you can use to improve your chances of success: 

Follow Up With An Email

Let’s face it: Nobody likes being put on the spot with a cold call. It’s somewhat rare to speak with a new lead and close in one single interaction. Sometimes, it can be much more effective to keep the conversation short and sweet and then follow up with a more detailed message explaining your offer. This will give the lead time to think about the deal.  By putting less pressure on your lead, you may avoid alienating them early on. 

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Be Confident

When cold calling, a lack of confidence can be your biggest detriment to success. After all, a lack of confidence over the phone may indicate a lack of confidence in the product you are selling. Before you pick up the phone to sell something, spend a fair amount of time getting to know what you are offering. Figure out what makes the product or service unique, and then learn to love it. When you finally pick up the phone, you should be brimming with confidence. Remember that a good attitude is infectious. And nobody likes to speak with a mope! 

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Timing Is Everything

Another thing to remember about cold calling is that your timing is critical. Research shows that the best times to cold call are between 8-9am and 4-5pm. Avoid the hours of 1-2 pm (lunchtime) at all costs. Of course, this is just a suggestion and may change depending on your industry or target market. Before you make a call, always try and think about what the other person is likely to be doing. 

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Consult With Your Team

The best sales teams share their cold calling tips and strategies among themselves. If a strategy works for one customer, chances are it may work for another. So, make sure to share data between team members and use key trends to your advantage. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel!

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Think On The Fly

Sure, it’s important to have a plan in place before making a call. As we explained in our previous post, it may even help to script out a call ahead of time. But the best sales associates think on the fly and aren’t afraid improvise. For instance, if a person sounds tired and unhappy they may not be willing to have a long conversation. In this case, simply introduce yourself and suggest a time that you can speak at a later date. Don’t force the issue. 

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Don’t Go It Alone

If you do manage to catch someone’s ear, it will help to have backup on standby to enhance the conversation and provide extra value. For example, you may want to have an engineer or marketing professional on the phone to answer detailed or highly technical questions. Try cold calling as a team and see if it boosts your sales! 

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