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Efforts to improve customer satisfaction through business communications are going on in companies around the world, including your partners, your customers, and your competitors. Customer relationships have become the key differentiator for companies that formerly relied on product or pricing for competitive advantage. Old strategies have been swept away by digital innovations that have removed barriers to product transparency, quickly commoditizing new manufactured goods across sectors.

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Digital devices in customers’ hands—and a smorgasbord of new business communications channels—have also contributed to the shift in focus to customers. Here are some ways to use business communications to improve customer satisfaction.

Be More Engaging

Enhance your online presence, and improve your mobile offerings. You want easy-to-navigate sites for every screen size and a seamless transition from site to site and channel to channel. The content you deliver should be interesting, relevant, and informative. Avoid the soft and hard sell until you’ve established a friendly rapport.

Provide Quick Service

Fifty-five percent of online adults are likely to abandon their online purchase if they cannot quickly find an answer to a question, per Forrester. In your service center, don’t keep callers waiting in an endless IVR queue. Instead, offer a callback option if a customer care agent isn’t readily available. Anything you can do to efficiently resolve customer queries will be a boon to customer satisfaction.

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Harness Digital Data

Forrester also found that companies that are able to capture and leverage their customers’ digital data will increase industry revenue from $333 billion in 2015 to $1.2 trillion in 2020. Use all the data pouring into your business on a daily basis to get to know your customers intimately—their preferences, needs, and behaviors. Leverage the information to personalize messaging to individuals or small groups, as well as to modify product and service offerings.

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Offer Multichannel Support

Connect with customers on the business communications channels they prefer—from social to mobile to Web chat to email. Ensure smooth transitions between channels, such as text to voice, and keep histories traveling with customers so they don’t have to repeat themselves. Put a social media plan in place, so you are where your customers are. Stay abreast of and responsive to commentary on your brand. Especially if it’s negative, act quickly to protect your image.

Keep Employees Happy

A happy employee will provide better service. Treat employees the way you want them to treat customers, they you’d like to be treated: with respect and appreciation for a job well done. Leaders should establish cultural values and standards and then lead by example. Motivate with personalized recognition and rewards.

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Offer Proactive Service

Know your customers so well that you know what issues may arise long before they search for a solution. The best strategy is to make contact (timely, personal and relevant) throughout the customer life cycle, such as providing a reminder that a prescription needs to be refilled.

Demonstrate Product Knowledge

Anyone who comes in contact with customers should know the company’s products inside and out. Management efforts in this regard will not only aid customer query resolution but will also improve agent confidence and motivation.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Use customer surveys to take the guess work out of understanding the customer response to your customer service initiatives. Establish a benchmark that compares your satisfaction ranking with that of a successful competitor. 

Add A Benefit

Small gestures can go a long way in cementing a customer relationship. Consider a special offer like a discount or adding an additional accessory to a purchase once in a while. 

There’s no one solution for improving customer satisfaction. The tactics listed above are a good start, but the key is to keep your focus on the customer at all times, across the organization. Star2Star is your one-stop shop for improving the customer experience with your brand. We can empower your business to meet customer needs with our cutting-edge integrated communications and analytics. Contact us to learn how we can help you gain unprecedented customer insights that will drive customer satisfaction. 


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