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From locally-owned boutiques to nationwide department stores, one thing remains the same; retailers need to arm themselves with the market’s most advanced tools to stay relevant. 

Technological advances have forced retailers to redefine how they communicate across the entire retail ecosystem—from the product warehouse to store managers to corporate offices. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of unified communications (UC) solutions available to keep retailers at the forefront of innovation.

Bolster brand awareness: Fifty-four percent of consumers would consider ending their relationship with a retailer if they are not supplied with custom offers, according to research from CMO Council. Screen pops are great for quickly pulling up pertinent, real-time customer information, and enabling call center reps to propose tailor-made sales promotions while on the line (for example, if a customer hasn’t shopped with you in over three months).

Sharpen Corporate Collaboration: Collaboration and communication is still a top priority for those who aren’t “in the trenches.” Corporate workers need to be readily available at all times, whether they are strategizing on a new brand campaign or bringing a new product to market. Whether an executive is on vacation but needs to stay reachable for important company updates or is at a trade show meeting new prospects, UC features like Find Me/Follow Me—a call-forwarding feature—unified messaging and integrated audio, and video and Web conferencing help cater to this “always-on” corporate environment.

Tighten up in-store operations: Leading retailers can facilitate targeted communication between management, employees, and customers using UC features like IM and extension dialing across locations. These features are particularly useful if a product is out of stock in-store and management needs to see if it is available at a different location. Faster communication means a faster answer, and that’s what keeps the customer from walking out the door.

Easily scalable solutions: Every retailer understands that based on the economic climate or the season, communication needs change. Best-in-class scalable UC solutions offer the capability to pool lines between locations which can save companies thousands or even millions of dollars. Highly scalable solutions also make financial processes considerably easier for chains. Top providers can actually deliver one bill for an entire national chain and provide all calls between numbers on the same account for no added cost.

Expedite shipments and tracking: When items become out of stock, sales drop. When management needs to call in for a new shipment pronto, UC features like IM, click-to-dial and presence help by informing management of the availability of warehouse staff, accelerating the shipping process to get products back on shelves faster.

Today’s shift to digital technologies and processes has rendered retailers using PSTN service helpless and at a serious competitive disadvantage. The good news is that you don’t have to be one of them. Star2Star has helped countless American retailers upgrade their communications systems, simplify financial record-keeping, and reduce monthly bills in the process.

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