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business voip system

The business phone system has evolved considerably over the last few decades, emerging as a foundational component for a variety of services including UCaaS, CCaaS, and more. Countless organizations today are now relying on VoIP for their communications needs.

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That said, not all VoIP services on the market offer the same level of quality, support, and flexibility. It’s important to select a business phone system that can guarantee the highest level of service, along with the latest features. This is important for establishing first class customer and employee experiences. 

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Another component for ensuring the highest quality experiences is staying up-to-date with newer technologies in the communications and collaboration space. Keeping in mind how VoIP has evolved so quickly in recent years, it may be a good time to reassess your current system for areas that need updates. This is even more critical this year, considering how crucial communications and collaboration tools have become to businesses with more employees working remotely than ever before.

Business Phone System: Areas For Improvement

So, what should you look for in a business phone system? Here are some of the top features that you will want to have in place: 

Cloud-native Architecture 

If you’re still leveraging a purely on-premise business phone system, consider moving to a cloud-native model. Particularly critical in the era of remote work, cloud-native architecture will enable your team to work from anywhere while leveraging the same tools they would in-office. It also helps you avoid the hassle of having to manage and maintain hardware which adds up to stronger service and more cost savings. 

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Intuitive Management 

Employees require intuitive, user-friendly and cloud-based controls for managing their communications tools. Make sure to prioritize the user experience when searching for a platform, and obtain a solution that your end users will enjoy navigating on a daily basis. A business phone system with intuitive management built in would offer seamless user experiences through well-designed UCaaS and collaboration tools, as well as the ability to integrate with third-party software for customized workflows.

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Many organizations will be returning to physical offices in the coming months, requiring employees to social distance. It will help to have access to VoIP-enabled cordless devices, so that employees can move around the office while staying connected. For workers who will remain remotely connected, support for mobile phones is also a must, so make sure your business phone system offers tools for leveraging mobile devices.

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4G LTE Failover

Outages can happen at any time, crippling internet access and cutting off VoIP service. To protect against this, businesses need to have 4G LTE failover in place to kick in as soon as an outage is detected. 4G LTE failover is a critical component for any business phone system.

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Enhanced Collaboration

The pandemic has forever changed the way that people communicate. Now more than ever, customers, partners and employees need to be able to seamlessly switch between audio and video during a call. Make sure to look for VoIP service that comes with enhanced, video-enabled collaboration. Mission-critical needs for staying on the cutting edge include persistent team messaging with individuals and group channels, file sharing and management, and productivity tools. 

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Interested in learning more about upgrading your business phone system now and for the future? See how we can help!

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