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Take a look at any customer-centric organization today and you will find an underlying business phone system that is reliable, powerful, and intuitive. Most companies are now putting a premium on high quality communications infrastructure in an effort to provide the best customer experiences possible. 

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Because communication is so important in today’s competitive market, it’s vital to be extra selective when shopping for a new business phone system. Take your time while browsing, and make sure you find a solution that aligns with your company’s exact needs. 

Trust us: If you opt for a low-end business phone system to save money, you will experience poor results across all levels of your organization. 

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The selection process may feel a bit overwhelming — especially if you are new to the market or have been using the same business phone system for a long time. There have been many exciting advances in this space over the last several years.

So, here are some of the top features to keep in mind as you shop for the ideal business phone system: 

Cloud Architecture 

One of the biggest innovations in the business phone system industry over the last several years has been support for cloud architecture. This type of setup utilizes the cloud as well as on-premise infrastructure and services. Some of the benefits to an on-premise cloud setup include improved intra office calling, easier mobility, and off-premise call routing. Ultimately, on-premise cloud architecture gives you more control over your business communications environment. 

CRM Integration 

Chances are you already have a customer relationship management (CRM) solution in place. But are you maximizing it? With a CRM integration, you can sync your customer database with your business phone system. This makes it easier to share customer information across your entire organization — allowing for benefits like enhanced prospect tracking, improved communication and, greater profitability. 

Disaster Avoidance & Recovery 

Foul weather can arise at any time, wreaking havoc on business communications systems that lack robust disaster recovery solutions. This is especially problematic for organizations like emergency response centers, which need to stay up and running at all times. Look for a phone system that comes with embedded disaster avoidance and recovery for seamless failover during inclement weather.

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Simplified Conferencing 

Nothing is more frustrating for an employee than trying to log into an important call and getting shut out of the conference bridge. It will pay to invest in a business phone system that enables on-the-fly conferencing so that employees can easily login and conference from any location. 

Call Recording 

Another feature that you will want to consider is flexible call recording. Be advised that not all business phone system models come with equal call recording and storage options. Some models, for instance, will only allow you to record calls in the cloud. Others will support USB flash drives. Your best bet is to consult with your team members and find out how they typically record calls and what method they may prefer. 

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Mobile Support

The concept of the workspace is changing, as many global organizations are now supporting remote environments that allow employees to work from any location. Now it’s possible to invest in business phone systems that come with mobile applications for features like presence indicators, voicemail, call transfers, favorites lists, and more. 

High-Quality Hardware

Don’t forget about the user experience! Make sure that the workers who will be operating these endpoints on a daily basis are comfortable with the product you select as it will directly impact their performance — and their happiness. Polycom®, VTech, Panasonic, and Yealink are some examples of leading business phone system providers on the market right now. 

Of course, these are just a few of the many things to consider when buying a new business phone system. For further reading, check out some of our other checklists: 

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