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artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to Unified Communications (UC), paving the way towards an increasingly connected future. Despite sounding like a far-off science fiction fantasy, AI has been repeatedly cited as a growing trend for UC, with the potential to alter workflows, decision-making, and the modern enterprise.

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The core function of AI technology is the ability to carry out programmable, automated tasks in the proper context. This context is “learned” through the process of machine learning, which ultimately leads to an AI application executing tasks not explicitly programmed. The computer’s intelligence is derived and perfected through pattern recognition, natural language processing, and big data analytics to name just a few programmed tools.

Artificial Intelligence & Workflows

In terms of Unified Communications workflows, AI applications are being developed to learn the context for conducting routine tasks such as searching for and compiling data, scheduling meetings, taking relevant notes, and even exchanging information with humans in a conversational format. While these developments are still in their infancy, their potential for freeing up man-hours to focus on more critical business tasks is promising. 

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Artificial Intelligence & Decision-Making

Another popular business and technology buzzword, big data analytics, will be another area in which artificial intelligence plays a role. With the ability to not only process but also decipher and convey the meaning of large amounts of data, AI is poised to offer businesses even more actionable insights in less time. UC processes which hinge on person-to-person communication can also harness vast amounts of employee and customer data to deliver highly customized solutions and services. 

Artificial Intelligence & The Modern Enterprise

The modern Unified Communications enterprise is designed to optimize daily business processes and overall productivity. The integration of phone, messaging, fax, video conferencing, e-mail, and many more tools seeks to accomplish the same end goal as artificial intelligence--to accomplish more value-adding tasks in less time. As AI continues to progress towards improving workflows and decision-making, the impact on the enterprise will ultimately be a more cohesive and intuitive business flow for maximum outputs.

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